Saturday, January 24, 2009

the reader

tonight my mom and i saw The Reader.

i'm still trying to decide how much i liked it.

i mean, definitely very well acted (kudos to the casting director) - Kate Winslet = brilliant as always (total girl-crush) - and a very nice adaptation of the book (which i very much enjoyed when i read it in college), and its a thought-provoking story... but... eh... for some reason, i'm not shouting from the rooftops. and it very well could have been because i'd read the book and therefore, nothing was a surprise - so take my review with a grain of salt.

let's just put it this way - 3 hours later, the foremost thought in my mind regarding The Reader is this:
i really hope that kid that played young Michael is over 18, because i sure did see a lot of that dude's junk.
however, this film did provoke one of those oh-so-productive, completely circular dialogs between myself and The Monitor that went something like this:
  • (J): "i can't believe he didn't ______"
  • (K): "um, she kinda ruined all of his future sexual relationships and thus, half of his adult life - not to mention that whole Nazi thing."
  • (J): "but it would have helped"
  • (K): "but she ruined his life"
  • (J): "but wouldn't you tell?"
  • (K): "not if i was psychologically scarred"
  • (J): "i just can't belive he didn't _____"
  • (K): "life-ruiner. Nazi. plus, i'm not that nice"
  • (J): "but --"
  • (K): "let's talk about how cute our RD invitations are!"
i would recommend - just don't expect to be dazzled by anything else besides KW's performance.

(from KW's ridiculously gorgeous Vanity Fair shoot)

on a semi-related note, has anyone else seen the previews for the new Amy Adams / Emily Blunt flick "Sunshine Cleaning"? i cannot wait for it to come out - it looks absolutely delightful!


  1. HUGE DITTO to everything you said. i walked out of the movie still processing how i felt which means i did not love it. great acting, but honestly i felt like 95% of the movie was watching them have sex. talk about totally screwing someone up for life.

  2. Who do you think would win a Girl Crush Act-Off - Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet? Is there anyone who can touch those two right now, awesome-wise?

    Thanks for the review. This is on my list to see pre-Oscars, but I may move it back behind some others based on this.

    Coincidentally, I had the same "meh", mixed great/not-so-great reaction to "Benjamin Button." Have you seen it yet?

  3. that's how i felt about it, too. it was worth seeing just for kate's performance, but you could definitely rent it instead of seeing it at the theater.

  4. Kate winslet is gorgeous in that pic! I've never seen it before. Thanks for the tidbit on the new movie--after watching the trailor I can't wait to see it either.

  5. Geez, that picture is AH-MAY-ZING. I haven't seen the movie, but was planning to. Maybe not now...Has anybody seen Slumdog Millionaire? I can't wait to see it this weekend.


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