Monday, January 26, 2009

respuestas, vol. 1

i've been itching to get home all day and answer your queries... thank you all for catering to my demands ;)

without further adieu, here we go!

Shorty asks: What is the worst thing you think you've ever done??? And have you told anyone about this before now???
  • first off Shorty, way to delve right in there, girl! no wadding in the shallow end for you! Mom, is that you?
  • hmmmm the worst thing i've ever done... well, i haven't used any toddlers for drug mules lately... and (on a serious note) most of my major mistakes have ended up hurting me more than anyone else (luckily). however, something that i still feel guilty about to this day is fooling around (15 year old, first-base-only-type "fooling around" but still) with a guy who had a girlfriend when i was a sophmore in high school. while i wasn't close with his girlfriend, i spent about 3 hours a day at dance rehearsals with her sister and i pretty much hated myself for months.
  • and yes, i told 2 people... 2 fifteen year old teenagers... which is why the entire school found out eventually. and school was miserable for about 3 weeks and i came home crying every day and asked my mom if i could transfer to private school and then some other piece of inane gossip broke out and everyone was over it.
  • well, everyone but me was over it - i still feel horrible, 11 years later. the funny part (awkwardly funny, perhaps?) though, is that i ended up graduating HS with both sisters as friends - and remain real-life and bloggy friends (HI! how was that for a walk down angst-filled teenage memory lane?) with both today.
my dear Millitini asks: Question 1: If given the chance to do it all over again, would you or would you not choose to steal the pizza from the Papa John's man?
  • Yes, i would choose to steal the pizza from the Papa John's man - and my reason is two-fold: (1) that pizza - and cheesy bread, don't forget the cheesy bread! - was f*ing delicious - made only more so by the fact that we crammed it down our throats like champion speed-eaters behind the Poteat shrubbery. (2) my small stint in food-theivery allowed us all to witness the look on Ann Sakorski's (spl?) face when she discovered that the stolen pizza was in fact, her stolen pizza. oh and then there were her stolen Scoobie Snacks. yep, totally worth a potential misdemeanor charge.

Question 2 (kind of serious): If you could go back to any period in your life (not saying you would want to, because I fully believe we should love every period equally and live in the present), but just say you had a time machine and you could hop in it for like an hour or so--where would you go and why?
  • hmmmm this is a toughie. pretty much because i totally agree with you about living in the moment. and i feel like if i went back and made any changes, i might not be here where i am today and i'm pretty fond of here and today! but, if i had to make a change, i would probably go back and end things with the Serious Boyfriend before going to Spain, instead of the week i came home (i'm tempted to say "before college itself" but i fear i'd be a whole other person). after all, if you're going to mend a broken heart - it'd be nice to do it in Southern Spain for 5 mo. with big tall glasses of Tinto de Verano! plus, i wouldn't have saved a ton of euros on calling cards.
  • my other answer - if i could just go back and experience, w/o changing anything - would just be to go back to college and relive random moments with some of my favorite people in the world :) - what an amazing time - and i feel like i never fully appreciated it at the time (obvs) - i'd love to go back and roll the quad, or skip class to drink ritas on the patio, or dance our faces off in dirty frat basements!
Question 3: Do you think the first time corn popped it scared the hell out of the Indians?
  • those poor indians never knew what hit them. but then they straightened out their little feathers, melted a brick of cheddar in the tribal microwave and watched Bring It On.
Question 4 (throwback to pledge cards): If you could rob any store--what would it be and why?
  • another toughie, considering my relationship with retail. i wish i had some non-materialistic, creative answer... but i'm going to have to go with Neimans. i rarely purchase anything there besides cosmetics, because i do not possess an AmEx or a Neimans card as they are too dangerous - but if i robbed NM, i could purchase all the ridiculously beautiful things that i covet without the "oh, you just have cash?" 'ttude.
my fellow Kate asks: What kind of law do you practice? Do you regret choosing that practice area?
  • i am actually a Construction Litigator! what is that, you ask? basically i practice normal, ol' commercial litigation (contracts, business torts, etc) but our clients work mainly in the construction business - usually on the large-scale commercial general contracting side.
  • i'll preface the answer to your second question with this: i didn't chose this area of the law - it totally chose me! i went to law school thinking that i was going to practice criminal law - i was going to be an Assistant D.A. and that was that! then, i met Evs. he was a year ahead of me in school and was pretty much locked into taking a job in Dallas - it was just a matter of what firm. so i began concentrating my summer clerkship (where many people get their first job offer for right out of law school) search on the Dallas area. i interviewed at Anonymous Firm simply because they offered me an interview - i knew nothing about what they did or what construction law entailed. out of all my interviews, it was by far my favorite - the people just seemed fun! so i accepted a job there for half the summer and spent the other half working in the Juvenile Crimes Dept. with the Austin District Attorney's Office. the differences between the two were night and day! at AF, the people were dynamic and loud and a bit crazy; the work was diverse; and the resources were basically unlimited. at the DA's, people were jaded and beaten down; you had to practically dole out sexual favors to get a new legal pad; and the kids seemed totally lost and beyond repair. pair those distinctions with the fact that you cannot be hired / start work with the DA until after you pass the bar, and the choice seemed really obvious to me.
  • do i regret it? usually, no. i would say i'm happy with my job about 70% of the time. 20% of the time, i think it'd be nice to do what originally set out to do - at least for a while - especially to get all the courtroom experience (i loooove being in court). the other 10% of the time, i think about doing something completely different than law... we'll see where life takes me and all that other mushy b.s., i suppose!
okay - phew - more tomorrow... have to keep 'em wanting more, right!


  1. More tomorrow! I need to know what to wear this weekend and I am totally choosing my outfit based on yours. Please more soon!!!Or at least just send me a picture.

  2. Thanks for my answer! I only ask because after listening to THREE associates of my husband's biatch at me about what they're doing, I'm wondering how people come to the decision. My husband has two engineering degrees, so the fact that he is an IP litigator is not too shocking, but I was curious how you decided. :)

    BTW, not that you are even close to this stupid, but bitching to your partner's wife at a firm party is NOT the way to get better work!

  3. Thanks for answering my question! Great answer, by the way. Isn't it strange how we torture ourselves with things like that from our past? I couldn't even begin to list all the teenage issues that still pop into my mind, and I ask myself...why in the world do I still care? I guess b/c that was such a monumental developmental period of many mental and emotional (not to mention all the physical) developments.

    I enjoy your blog!

  4. Kate, that was pretty brave of you to go there! :) I'm glad we made it out of h.s. as friends (Board was a good thing for us!) and also glad that we are blog friends today! Can't wait to see what your answer to my question is because I totally had a dream about Bloomis last night...

  5. yesssssssssssssssssssssss....excellent responses my dear, although I could have probably written them "from you" and gotten pretty close to the same answers.

  6. What does your dream house look like?

    How tall are you?

    If you could only wear ONE pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?

    I love that you don't maintain a NM or AmEx card--I don't either--too dangerous!!!

  7. I never knew that stolen pizza was originally for Sikorski. That story was always hilarious to me, but now it has elevated to a whole new level of humor.


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