Saturday, January 3, 2009


i have a major thing for clawfoot tubs - its truly one of my goals in life to own one... there's just something about them that is romantic (yes, a romantic bathtub, that's what i said) and vintage and fun and stylish all at the same time... like antique wine posters and Audrey Hepburn movies and champagne saucers.

these pictures plaster a dreamy grin on my face... fill one of these with bubble bath, light me a candle, pour me a glass of wine, hand me a thick, glossy magazine and i'm a happy girl:

i'm *hoping* to take some "funky" bridal portraits in a clawfoot tub after the more traditional sitting at Laguna Gloria - if you own the one pictured immediately above and would be so kind as to lend it out, that would be fabulosity.


  1. ohhhh i love them too!
    Number 4, 5 and the last one are my favorites!

  2. I have a claw foot tub obsession too. Glad I'm not nutty- that red one is gorgeous (can you say that about a tub?) Anyways, pics in the tub is so unique and will look so cute!!

  3. Beyond swooning over these photos... I cannot wait to see you in said potential bridal portraits!? Rediculous in its sheer fabulocity. Amazing idea.

  4. I have always wanted a bath-room. Not like a bathroom like the normal one but like a bathtub room that is totally blissed out with a cool light fixture/vintage chandelier and candels.


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