Wednesday, January 14, 2009


are ya'll some ecards fans? if not, you should be - your wit factor will increase tenfold without having you use your actual brain, which is always a plus.

some of my favorites from january's newsletter:


  1. We have the "Thanks for squandering our entire holiday weekend for your wedding" one on our wedding website. Maybe folks think it's tacky and rude, I have no idea... but I find it to be completely hilarious. It seriously makes me giggle every time I see it.

  2. i always see these on facebook! now you've given me the site. sweeeet.

    new faves:

    ps: you should totally be able to upload photos to blogspot comments.

  3. yay those were some good ones! The only ones I ever see are the ones on facebook so I'll have to expand my horizons!

  4. God, I love that site. Thank you for the reminder to start sending them already.

  5. DYING! My maid of honor is SUPER Republican, and her birthday is on Inaguration Day... Thank you for finding her birthday card for me! haha
    Hope all is well!
    P.S. I'll be in Dallas sometime this spring to have my dress fitted, and would love to meet you for cocktails! (kidneys intact, of course)


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