Monday, January 12, 2009

totally a monday

today is such a "monday."

first, our office went "paperless" over the weekend. some people are very excited about this switch. i, however, am not. my love of paper extends far past letterpress, dear readers - i do not discriminate when it comes to the good stuff. i like going and pulling the file and holding it in my hand; when i need to edit a document, i print it out and read it with the trusty red pen; i like making neat stacks of paper on my desk and composing to-do lists on my little yellow pad. you get the point.

so while everyone else was elatedly asking questions to our IT man during our (totally unhelpful) 3 hour training session, me and the 85 year old semi-retired attorney who pads around the office and drafts a contract every now and then were sitting in the back, shaking our heads in dismay and furiously taking notes (on paper). grrrrrrrrr. the IT man says i am "raging against progressive technology"... um, okay, whatever, at least i don't look like Dwight on The Office.

then, Evs and i go to meet the realtor at the adorable, (hopefully) soon-to-be-ours cottage and the key in the lockbox doesn't open the house - just the extra room that is attached to the garage (which is detached... make sense?). so we did some more peering through the windows - its still fabulous! so hopefully the right key will appear tomorrow morning at 8:30 when we try again. keep those fingers and toesies crossed for us!

now, a confession: i'm rocking a partial topsy-tail today... had the hair in a chignon (that sounds so much sexier than "bun") and then decided to see if my topsy-tail skillz were still sharp... haven't lost the touch! i will now make it a goal to bring the topsy-chignon into 2009's most coveted office hair styles.

i promise a GGGown recap later on - first, i suppose i should bill for something productive today.

happy monday!


  1. Ohh! Fingers and toes crossed that the key works so you can examine the super cute little cottage! How exciting!

  2. I am with you on the paper thing. My boss gets annoyed with me because I like to print things out and have them in front of me...I have to be able to spread things out and see them. I am also like this with my calendar/planner. I can't do the electronic thing. Good luck with it!

  3. Our office is in the midst of going paperless. I feel your pain! :)

  4. When we went paperless it was all the young associates who got their secretaries to still bring them their paper mail. It is a weird generational thing.

  5. I feel you on the paper thing. I love to have a hard copy.


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