Sunday, January 11, 2009

us weekly live!

i just love the Golden Globes... its like a trip to a zoo filled entirely with celebrities... see them eat! see them drink Moet! see them awkwardly hug each other!

the GGs are also a prelude to the SAGs and - the big daddy of them all - the Oscars! ahhhh Awards Season: my 2nd favorite holiday season!

my thoughts thus far...
  • Drew Barrymore looks totally cracked out. totally. cracked out with very bad hair.
  • Rummer Willis has to be the most exciting GGGirl in a while.
  • Heath Ledger wins for Dark Knight - sorry to be insensitive but, duh.
  • Tina Fey totally looks like she hates the Jonas Brothers - which is awesome.
  • Tom Cruise has got to be an alien - way to go creepo, you're nominated for Tropic Thunder... 'cause that one is right up there with Rain Man.
  • where's Angelina?
  • Colin Farrell just made a nose candy reference - interesting
  • Waltz with Bashir is one of those movies that, as a film-lover, i should see... but i kinda have no interest - this makes me feel strangely guilty.
  • i love Maggie Gyllenhaal's voice
  • how hot do Beyonce and Jay Z look? h.o.t.
  • hey Laura Linney, want your skin
  • i heart Anna Paquin - i really think we could be friends in real life... of course it might get awkward when i steal her boyfriend.
  • woah, second mention of nose candy in 30 minutes - way to go hollywood.
  • Renee Zellweger: i might like your dress (i'm still considering) but i do not like your hair... next time, let's try something a bit less... heinous?
  • ooo Glen Close, i disagree with your outfit
  • Leonardo DiCaprio keeps getting hotter. Brad Pitt, however, might have peaked a while back - he looks like he could use a good facial.
  • i thought J. Lo and Marc were on the outs...
  • Tina Fey's hair looks like mine does when i go to the gym - but i still love her.
  • there's Angelina
  • oh Martin Scorsese, i wish i could put you in my pocket and carry you around with me
  • i love a good montage and really, a Stephen Spielberg montage is about as good as they come.
  • what ever happened to the little boy from E.T.?
  • i like that Martin Scorsese said "Stephen Spielberg" like it was a surprise
  • i'm about to fast-forward through SS's acceptance speech - less talk, more gowns and bad hair, please!
  • Clint Eastwood is such a badass
  • do you think the tv peeps feel like the red-headed-step-children compared to the movie peeps?
  • Emma Thompson is delightful... and considerably tall, it seems.
  • Tom Cruise is like butt-slapping all the winners... still creepy.
  • Revolutionary Road is going to be so freakin' sexy - do you think Kate and Leo ever get tired of making out with each other? i bet not.
  • Colin Farrell is starting to resemble Robert Downey Junior - like a lot. but his accent's still excellent.
  • ooo Sasha Baron Cohen... not well received with the cracks at fellow actors... that was uncomfortable.
  • Slumdog Millionaire presenter guy is wearing sequined tie... tucked into his shirt... just wanted to point that out if you missed it.
  • Kate Winslet is so adorable. and beautiful. and she named her kid "Joe," which i love. i'm totally adding "gather" to my repertiore of awesome phrases to use whilst flustered.
  • Blake Lively, you are so youthful and pretty - why did you pick a dress that makes you look rather sausage-like when we all know that you are nothing like a sausage?
  • please let Leo win, please let Leo win, please let Leo win.
  • or Sean Penn. that would be good too.
  • oh. bummer.
  • don't you think Evan Rachel Wood is probably too big for her britches? i do.
  • barf. do they always have to trot out Tom Cruise at these things? let's let Suri present from now on.
okay lovelies, that's the end of my commentary. tomorrow: GG Gowns! sweet dreams!


  1. I think Anna Paquin looked strangely like an Oompa Loompa...what was with the color of her skin?

    I heart Laura Linney, Emma Thompson and Laura Derm. Mainly I love Laura Dern, because I figure if I'm really nice to her, she'd let me borrow her darling husband.

  2. ok i found this post hilarious, especially because i did not see the red carpet so now i am sitting her googling each of these people you mentioned so i can see for myself what you are talking about!

  3. Awesome. You should do a live blog for all of the award shows!

    My favorite Globes moments include: bitchy Angelina face when she lost (as Twittered by Third Coast Preppy) & Jay-Z giving Beyonce the look, like "Woman, stop clapping for that lame-a$$ band already".

    Oh, and I want to be Emma Thompson when I grow up.

  4. Dying. Of. Laughter. I so love Emma Thompson. She is divine. She captured my heart many years ago in Much Ado About Nothing. Which also stars a very young Kate Beckinsale.

  5. We were stuck in the Chicago airport during the Globes, d'oh! USWeekly comes across great on Blackberries, though, so we saw a red carpet slideshow - thank god! - plus the Golden Globe Twitterfeed to keep us posted on the awards. It was the best this movie buff could do.

    Careful r.e. Revolutionary Road - very difficult. Know what you're going into and plan for a drink afterward. The novel was published in 1961 and was really the first disaffected take on suburbia and marital damage based on a couple's revulsion at themselves and each other. It's a tough novel to film, and the movie is nearly as flich-able as the book. Outstanding performances all around.

    From the slideshows only, I actually think Drew B looks cute! Totally agree on Blake L. And back to Kate W... sigh... she is my all-time greatest Hollywood girl crush: brains, beauty, guts, plus I love that she's naked all the time and looks more like me than the rest of Hollywood. I adore that she won twice last night.

    Bring on the Oscars!!

  6. This recap was a *great* way to start my morning! And again, HOW awkward was the Sasha B C moment?! I can't remember wincing that hard in a long time. Sad I missed the sequin tie too! haha Thanks again for this, can't wait for your other awards show commentary!

  7. Oh my goodness! I'm obviously way behind on reading this and commenting, but I was about to do an entire post about how Blake lively's dress was way too small and how uncomfortable she looked. She clearly knew that dress was wrong!

  8. i had the exact. same. thought. about blake lively. hello. if you are young and gorgeous and skinny and loaded, why do you choose to look like that? so frustrating.


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