Friday, January 30, 2009


SO excited about my bachelorette weekend! my girls start arriving at 2:20 and i cannot sit still, i am so excited! the oh-so-fabulous-planners themselves - CSP and RJB (the 2 pics immediately below) get in first and then it shall be a trickle of my WFU Girls as the evening progresses! many of them i haven't seen in over a year, since the last time we had a Wake Gal Reunion (3rd pic). Saturday, the lovely Millitini, JAJ, ELT and their equally lovely mums are throwing Evan and me a Stock the Bar shower - i'm p-u-m-p, pumped for many of our friends to meet for the first time! then, we're off for an evening of more surprises - i have no clue what any of our plans are for the next 24 hours, save for the shower.

CSP and me in Dallas last fall

RJB and me at our law school grad party

Millitini, JAJ, SAI, ELT, CEM, and me last January

i am incredibly blessed to have such talented, successful, beautiful and FUN friends - and i could not be more excited that we will get to see each other TONS this year as JAJ and ELT also tie the knot! 2009 is truly a year of celebration!

my only sad-panda-moment is that my ACJ will not be able to join us this weekend -

don't worry, Kinder Joy, you're #1 on my Drunk Dial List allllllll weekend looooooong! {and PS: shall we use this whole "wedding thing" as an opportunity to take some decent picutres of us... all the ones i have, we are either making an obsene gesture or looking a little, um, rough (obvs). mmm'kay? awesome possum!}

watch out for us, Dallas - we'll be the gals with the sparkly dancing shoes on!


  1. Can't.Control.Excitement. No way I'm going to be capable of doing anything resembling actual, real work. EEEEEEEEK!

  2. YAY!!! I'm so excited for your excitement! Have a BLAST, which I know you will!!!

  3. I am *so* excited for you! Have so so so so SOOOO much fun, girl!!! You're getting married!!!!


    If only you remember to give everyone a round of affectionate fanny-slaps after 3-4 cocktails I will be there in spirit.

    Loads of love. Make sure a dance off occurs at least once this weekend. Trusting LM will make this happen. SQUEEZE.

  5. So much fun!!! Those weekends are the best. Enjoy every second of it and drunk dial as many people as you want. You could drunk blog, too, so we can all get an idea of your state of mind at the end of the night.

  6. YAYAYAY have so much fun!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!!

  7. How exciting!! I hope you all have a blast this weekend! Can't wait to hear how it all goes! And take lots of pics :)

  8. So happy and excited to be able to join in the fun this weekend. Love you girl and it's about time to celebrate you and Evan! See you in t-minus 6 hours!


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