Thursday, February 19, 2009

blog makeover?

i think i'm just going to rename this blog "i fucking puffy heart paper" as i feel every other post is related to some new stationary find. its getting a bit ridiculous, but i can't help it... b/c i fucking puffy heart paper.

today's installment comes courtesy of my dear college roomie SAI...

introducing Smock: Eco-Friendly Letterpress. Smock is the first and only luxury letterpress studio to offer printing on luxury bamboo paper (bamboo is a highly sustainable and renewable resource - learn more here).

so yay! you're all green and trendy, but most importantly, you have truly beautiful paper products at decently affordable prices (notecards: set of 6 for $14).

aaaaaaand they have gorgeous wedding invites too, obvs:

happy papering!


  1. i would totally identify with the new title of your blog :)

  2. i love the title. and i love that elephant!!

  3. Hee hee. I considered "I Pick Paper" myself.

    That paper is gorgeous, and what a nice way to indulge responsibly.

  4. LOVES IT!!! I just knew that you would love that paper as much as I did. So proud that I got a shout out too :)

    Now all I need is a wedding because I definitely want to use those invites!

  5. i love this paper!! and as much as i like the new idea for a title, you will have to share how you came up with the current one!:) I love it- it's so unqiue and you!:)

  6. Wow... I just want to go and order all of them. I do especially love those invitations.


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