Wednesday, February 4, 2009

booty-mug musings

so me and my booty-mug of TheraFlu have made the transition from the sick-bed to the sick-couch... which i feel is a big step. hopefully i will wake up tomorrow feeling right as rain again because i don't think i can afford another day off work. apparently a minor volcano erupted at office today and i have a shit-storm to march into in the morning. i might need an umbrella.

yep, that's 3-D, people.

le sigh... things are so much simpler at home, with my booty-mug and the mindless twitterings of the "cast" of The City.


  1. That mug is hilarious!!!

    I hope you feel better!!!

  2. funny mug! i've never seen anything quite like it!

  3. that mug is awesome. I want.

    Feel better soon!

  4. Shit-storm's got nothing on you with this:

  5. Love the booty mug. I hope you get to feelin' better. I've got my own sh*t storm here at work and basically want to hurl myself off a bridge. Fairly certain I'd take the bubonic plague over being here....

  6. That mug is pretty special... hope you feel better soon!


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