Thursday, February 5, 2009

chickpeas; new duds

why do i not have hummus in my fridge? i always have hummus. hummus is stuff white people like. i am white people! where is my hummus??? grrrrrr.

in other news, a parcel from J. Crew totally made my heinous, oh-shit-have-i-just-committed-malpractice of an afternoon! all items contained inside were fabulous (obvs)... but i would like to introduce you to my two. new. favorite. items. ever.

(a) Dressy Jersey Grecian V-Neck Long Dress

i can already picture this magical honeymoon moment: i drink one too many fruity beverages while Evs is playing golf, pass out in the sun, and subsequently become so sunburned that i'd rather watch a Duggar Family Marathon than put on clothes... this is what i shall wear when that totally-sexy-moment occurs (and it will). and it will still look awesome.

(b) Solid Silk Tunic

this was one of those that i said "i will give it a go, but probably will be returning." well, the shipping charges were worth it - i will be wearing this with straight leg jeans, like, every casual Friday from now on. i've already busted out the iron from its dusty corner in preparation for its virgin voyage tomorrow. and i don't iron.

happy almost-friday, chickadees!


  1. Love the dress! I have a similar brown one by Calvin Klein and it's fab! It's a great dress to wear if you've got the swell belly from eatin too many treats one day because that Grecian style hides a multitude of sins!

  2. Loving the dress so much!!

    And I hate ironing too!!

    Have a wonderful Friday! :)

  3. oh my dear lord. that hummus link was the funniest thing i have read in weeks. why am i the only white girl that doesn't like hummus!?!?

    and super stellar clothes. i love them.

  4. Such good finds- I love them. Ditto on the iron... does anyone really do their own ironing anymore?? :)

  5. Ironing is terrible. I HATE IT!!

    Your dress is gorgeous and is perfect for a honeymoon :)

  6. That dress is one of the best I have seen thus far. I love green and I love long :) sooo cute!

  7. Hummus + J. Crew is like a two-for-one White People Special. I am, of course, wholly dedicated to both.

    Like that green dress in particular - it is perfect for your intended cause - and wish fervently that maxi dresses didn't make me resemble a tree stump.

  8. I live for hummus! Guess that's part of my waspy-ness? I posted a recipe this monday, you should give it a try it only takes 10 mins.

  9. that dress is gorgeous! It's going to make your legs look like the go on for days.

    Happy weekend!

  10. I'm thinking I need that dress!! Such perfect honeymoon attire! I'm sure you're getting excited :)

  11. I randomly stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say you are so funny!
    I love J Crew or as my BF calls it, “J Crack”. I blog about it all the time.
    I think your dress is lovely.

  12. I have both of these items (in these exact colors!)! aren't they great? I loved the green dress on you in your Hmoon pics. Very pretty! Also, I wear the tunic with the sleeves rolled up for a little more cash, casual firday vibe!


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