Saturday, February 7, 2009

holy crapola

remember this post?

well, it appears we are here again... 1:44 AM on Friday night / Saturday morning... and instead of snuggling my still-germy-self in with my also-germy-Evs and my warm-furry-Boom in the big-high-thread-count-sheeted-bed, i'm on the overtly-manly-leather couch under a polyester comforter, emailing lists to myself because there are no notepads in this bachelor-pad.  

even i, who anticipated that the Type A Personality would rear its ugly head on occasion during the planning process (btw: thanks for the Monica Geller Complex, college friends - you know who you are!), could not have predicted these moments of sheer panic. 

when did we get to 43 (now 42) days?  when did that happen?  one night, you're just watching Meet the Parents and your fiance says "let's look at the wedding website to see if anyone's written anything new" and then BAM! - your ticker says "43 days!"  someone should warn you.  this is why people have the psycho-bride-iPhone-application that counts down to the second (which, maybe i should look at more often, point taken). 

and you know, as many times as you remind yourself "big picture, big picture, big picture," sometimes you just have to freak the f*ck out about the necessity of chair ties, and trust that your regular intelligent, well-rounded, semi-laid-back self will re-emerge tomorrow.  

and hopefully she will stop over-using the hyphen... cause its gettin' crazy up in here. 


  1. It happens to the best of us. Don't worry in 44 days you will be happily married laying on a beach thinking of how perfect the wedding was. Love you! Can't wait for the big day!

  2. I wish I could inspire you, but in keeping it real, it only gets worse!
    Wait till the chair ties get delivered and they are the wrong color!

  3. Freaking the f*&k out just shows you are a normal bride. Sorry!

    Wedding freakouts are like the beginnings a bad crush - if it doesn't go away within 48 hours, try stunning it senseless with a good pinot.

  4. oh man i had MANY a "fraking the f*ck out" moments, especially toward the end because Mr. Mojito's mom was going INSANE!

    Don't worry. Breathe. When I see you on Wednesday night we will pump you full of liquor and then dance like fools until you feel better!

  5. at least your freak outs are productive! when i freak out i just surf the internet pretending like i'm doing something while eating a crapload of chocolate and drinking wine.

    but i'm with legallyblondemel on that one. the vino does stun the freak out senseless!

  6. Awww, hang on there. It shall be grand. You have done *so* much already!

    I like making incremental lists backwards sometimes. It's way too overwhelming to think about the big picture, but a small accomplishment each day is totally doable.

    Make sure wine is flow steadily regardless, though...

  7. its going to be fabulous. (but obvi, given my late night post i'm stressing too!)

    i think if i could crash any wedding, it would be yours - wrong chair ties or not...

  8. I, too, have moments of panic--but we're doing just fine. I keep telling myself "Don't sweat the small stuff"--easier said than done at times. It will be wonderful. Love you!!


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