Sunday, February 15, 2009

me day / love day recap!

here's hoping that all of you pretty chickadees had as fan-tab-u-lous a weekend as i did! {pictured here:}

birthday evening went just as swimmingly as birthday day - we had a spectacularly delicious meal at Craft... our menu (even if only MM is interested):
  • leafy greens with sherry vinagarette
  • lemon sole
  • blueberry tenderloin of buffalo
  • baby broccoli
  • butternut squash risotto
as it normally is with fancy-ish food, i enjoyed the actual meal more than Evs - but his ideal dinner will always consist of a large steak (and not much else), so that was to be expected - but the service / dinning experience were out of this world, so we both agreed it was money well spent! we also got to sit next to a couple that was obviously a moment away from divorce - which, while doesn't add to the super-romantic atmosphere, makes for superb entertainment for a professional eavesdropper / gossip-monger such as myself.

sadly, our V-Day plans of visiting the King Tut exhibit were thwarted, but we still managed to have a love-ly day:
  • purchased previously-selected wedding bands (bling love)
  • discovered Yellow Tail sparkling white wine (vino love)
  • prepared whole wheat rigatoni with tomato basil sauce (bottled: i know, i'm such a fiance-phony), grilled chicken, and broccoli (carb-y love)
  • gagged / snort-laughed through A Very Duggar Wedding (whacked-out cult love)
  • attended Milk (human rights love) at the Angelika (drinking beer in a movie theater love)
kind of a hodge-podge of events, but a sweet and relaxing Valentine's Day nonetheless! and the swag this year? A+ for Evs! birthday and v-day left me with 3 massages for the 3 weekends before the wedding that i will be in Dallas and a gift certificate for some much needed new makeup from Neimans. lucky gal, indeed am i!

now i'm off to fold loads of laundry after spending my Sunday with Annoying Coworker (hereon known as Ass Clown) ... ahhhh life is so sexy!


  1. I vote for Milk for Best Pic over Slumdog. I loved Slumdog, don't get me wrong, but Milk stuck with me longer. What do you think?

    And you didn't miss much at the King Tut exhibit- I was actually kind of disappointed when I saw it in Ft. Lauderdale. The artifacts that were actually related to King Tut were not that many- the rest were cool, of course, but don't go expecting lots of famous treasure from his tomb.

  2. I too watched that wedding. I lost it when the newlyweds listened to that tape before the heading to their room. Ahhh to be a fly on that hotel room wall would have been priceless.

  3. Milk was wonderful.... loved every bit of it.

    And, the Duggar wedding was crazy. Like a train wreck that you could not take your eyes off of. "Just like legos..." Hum.

  4. that risotto sounds delish!!!!!

    oh and the duggars...don't even get me started...

  5. sounds like a totally awesome weekend...and great snag on the massages! how thoughtful..

  6. See, that's the kind of wine I can drink. You are helping already.

  7. Would love to know what you thought of Milk. We've been wanting to see it but something always seems to get in the way. Is it a "must see" before the Oscars?

  8. we got my wedding band on v-day as well, small world!

  9. AK and I discovered the Yellowtail sparkling wine recently as well! It is surprisingly yummy!


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