Wednesday, February 25, 2009

rando man-crush wednesday

{love you oodles Evs!}

(a) shocked and amazed at my subconscious, i awoke this morning to the realization that i'd just had a rather long and rather, er, um, saucy series of dream-vignettes starring Bear Grylls. yummy. luckily, he did not make me sample grub worms or bear droppings (un-yummy)... although i must say, i will look at the "sheeping bag" in a new light from now on...

(b) on my way to work, i heard a George Strait song i'd never heard before... "Overnight Male"? no clue if its new or old or whatevs, but hot-damn, George - you're getting a little frisky! a sampling from the chorus:

Like a pony express in the wild, wild west
I'll ride hard all night long.
And I can saddle up fast, get you there first class
Long before the dawn.
You know your male's gonna get to you
Come snow, rain, sleet or hail
'Cause I'm a top flight, hold-you-tight,
Get-you-there-by-daylight, do-you-right overnight male.

i bet you are, Georgie, i bet you are.


  1. I love Bear Grylls! He is a hottie, even though I frequently am grossed out/amazed at the crap he does/eats. Yeah. Wow.

  2. i would eat grubs for him. i would. unabashedly.

  3. Ha I love that song!! It's quite a few years old, but it's so cute!

  4. I much prefer Les Stroud. He seems so much more legit.

  5. I have a huge crush on Bear Grylls too!!!! I must admit that I don't mind too much when he strips down to do push-ups to warm up after swimming through freezing water, or climbing glaciers, or whatever craziness he happens to be doing that episode.

  6. i just bwahhaha'ed right here at my computer.

    bear grylls is hillarious even though he doesn't mean to be! i mean really, who jumps off a cliff into water below while telling the camera "if this water isn't deep enough, i could die"


  7. I heart Bear Grylls... Le sig... And, I love that George Strait song--it's an "oldie but goodie"

  8. wow. I've never heard that George Strait song either... sounds a bit racy!


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