Tuesday, March 17, 2009


trying not to be a total cheeseball about the whole "now i live with my best friend and greatest love" thing (gag) but... its totally fun!

some reasons why...
  • this morning, Evs brought me a Diet Coke in my pink "I'm the Bride, That's Why" koozie... in bed. this was more romantic than homemade French Toast with a hand-picked flower in a bud-vase served on a silver platter. i perused my Google Reader and jump-started my caffeine IV... ahhh workday morning heaven!

  • everytime Evs hangs a towel up or puts his socks in the hamper, he goes "look hon! i'm being so good!" as if its a really big accomplishment. which is kind of adorable.

  • all Bravo TV (Real Housewives, Millionaire Match-Maker, Top Chef, Flipping Out, Million Dollar Listing, etc) is whole-heartedly DVR'ed and watched with mutual enthusiasm.

  • he gave me 2.4 of the 4 closets in the house. and my own bathroom. which pretty much means he loves me a whole, whole lot.
there's lots more reasons. but i won't trigger your eye-roll reflex anymore this evening.

off to more Real Housewives of NYC!


  1. You're so funny. Love that your co-habitating is going so swell!

  2. yay for co-habitating!!

    so cute about the socks and towels!

    i have to say...i like to get recognized for putting a new roll of TP on the roll - instead of just setting it on the counter...its the little things :)

  3. how cute! glad things are going so well!

  4. you two are so cute! i love that you have a "i'm the bride, that's why" koozie.

    oh, and found a dustbag from one my purses so my running shoes now have a new happy home thanks to you. it truly is the little things that excite me.

  5. haha come back in 4 months and write a post about things that suck about cohabitating..

    i get so excited when hubby remembers to put his dirty clothes in the hamper... and not in a pile on the floor.. lol

  6. Cute cute! So glad that things are going so good!!

  7. Awww. You're melting my heart. Tell Evs he's a very smart guy! You waited a long time for this!!


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