Tuesday, March 3, 2009

fancy flats

fearing my black TBs have seen their last day, and in mini-protest of the 16th Day of Doc Review, i took an online-window-shopping break for some new flats. i really need some black replacements but there are also many cute, colorful, and reasonable options to be found!

i may just pop on over to Nordies tomorrow and scoop me up a pair or two in celebration of Phase 1 of Doc Review being over. yeppers, we are rounding the corner as we speak (well, the proverbial "we" as obviously i am flat-browsing, but whatevs).

currently considering / coveting...

{Nordstrom Ballet Flats - all under $100.00}

what Spring Shoes are you springing for?

hehe. pun.


  1. ummmm whichever ones you pick out for me because you know i can't shop for myself??

  2. all of the above, duh!

    now if someone would just bippity boppity boo me a new fabu job so i could shop again ...

  3. Ohhhh I want the blue ones. I am definitely craving some flats in a bright, fun color.

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  5. Oooh! Flats for under $100!! You may have saved me from my impending TB purchase. Actually, this will very likely be in addition to the TB purchase, but whatevs.

    I particularly like the first pair for some reason, but they are all lovely.

  6. I'm not springing for shoes, but I did start thinking last night how I'm going to have to seriously shell out some dough to get some cute outfits for all the fun wedding events coming up! I mean, these pictures are going to last forever and I can't be photographed in the same outfit twice! Ha.

  7. I love the blue, the pink, and the last black! I wish my feet weren't so long and narrow. I can only wear flats with elastic. Sad!


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