Sunday, March 8, 2009

oy vey

busy busy busy weekend. productive. exhausting. how do we only have 19 more days until we get married? gah!

some highlights:
  • Evs learned what a ranuculus is!
  • let there be escort cards: Gina, Evs, and i prevailed over Mom (love you, Jan!) in the Great Battle Over Assigned Seating. yay for themed table names!
  • we have enough money left over in the budget for lanterns in the trees - that made me squeal!
  • Mom and i hit up Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Paper Place for a Craft-tastic Good Time: on tap? Welcome Bags for the out-of-towners, the aforementioned victory escort cards, menu cards, and table names.
  • the whole gang took a preliminary stab at table assignments (what a freakin' headache - maybe Mom was right about assigned seating...)
  • last pre-marital counseling session with our minister + we wrote our vows and planned the entire ceremony. i am in love with our ceremony / vows - that made the hectic-ness (is that a word?) of the entire, overwhelming weekend seem worthwhile.
time for bed! but... (drumroll please)...



  1. Yay!!! You are sooooo close!!

    We have the nerdiest theme tables EVER... I'm super excited about them, so I'm feeling ya here.

    You are ready to roll, Kate!

  2. You sound like you got a ton done! Way to go. I can't wait to see what you come up with for table names. Please do funny names, not sweet or sentimental! You do "funny" really well! I crack up reading your blog all the time and my husband thinks I'm nuts.

    This weekend was a little much for me too...My doll of a daughter got her first real injury {a semi-deep cut on her beautiful forehead} at school early Friday morning and then my mother reopened it by taking off the band-aid on Saturday afternoon. I've spent too much time in the doctor's office/emergency room this weekend and not enough time drinking outside to enjoy the good weather.

    Yeah, I didn't mean to write all that, but I had to get it off my chest!

  3. I can't WAIT!!! Put me at the fun table.

  4. who wanted table numbers and who didnt??

    or was it just that you wanted them themed and the monitor didnt??

    my mom wanted no table assignments...i put my foot down. i've been to too many weddings where you try to beat the bride and groom down the aisle just to grab a table and throw your purse and wrap on chairs to save seats for SOMEONE you know!


  5. I'm actually glad we ended up doing table assignments and am especially happy that we got them done yesterday before you and Evs left!! It was fun sitting at the dining room table and doing them together!


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