Friday, March 6, 2009

simple pleasures

little things making me smile today:
  • last night's Champagne Thursday with the gals... and the promise of monthly Cute Dress Dinner start-up (next week, perhaps?)
  • wearing cowboy boots to work
  • 2 hour power lunches (and power shoe browsing) with HDH

  • The Bobs (Seger & Marley) on my Pandora

  • a weekend in Austin with Evs and Boom (and fabulous parental units, obvs)

  • email chains


  1. Champagne Thursdays are the icing on this endorphin addict's proverbial wedding cake (which she doesn't want, mind you). Sorry, I am mixing too many metaphors, let me just say: Yay champagne!

    Hey, did you ever decide what you're wearing to your rehearsal dinner, and if boots are included?

  2. YAYAYAYA I had so much fun to last night even though I was majorly lame with my water and no food diet.

    Have a great weekend with Evs and all things wedding.

  3. I am even more bummed I bailed on CT this week than I was before.

    So, next week then?


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