Thursday, March 19, 2009

spa week!

now that i've safely procured all of my desired appointments, er, um, i mean...

now that i've discovered this amazing gem of a deal, i shall benevolently bestow this information on my lovely readers (ahem, after i safely procured all of my desired appointments).

yeppers, its spa week!
special $50 treatments at selected spas all over the country from April 13 - 19! go here to sign up and see what goodies spas near you are offering up!

i'm talking $50 microderm, kiddos - and not by some beauty school drop-out (cue Frankie Avalon) who advertises with sharpied posters at the bus stop. this is the top-dollar shizz, my lovelies - they ain't messin' around!

go forth and spa!


  1. how lovely! i've got three prenatal massages lined up for the last few weeks of pregnancy. where are you getting your massages? my mom and i went to the spa at the crescent and got massage and facials while i was there last week. i could definitely do it every day!


    Yes, you deserve a HUGE one right before the big day!! I can't believe how soon it is!!

  3. THANK YOU! I just scheduled an hour long facial for 50 bucks! Are you kidding me?! I think I may have to schedule a few more appoints now....

  4. Wow, that's a great deal! 1 hour facials here normally cost about £55 ($80)!!!


    Saskia x

  5. uh oh... I called my salon (which is on the Spa Week list) and they'd never heard of Spa Week!

    (btw, the word verification for this comment is "butch" which just seems silly for a post about spas!)


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