Monday, March 2, 2009

tie one on!

i think i've been hanging out with Maggie too much :) because we are amassing quite the collection of ties!

another terrible iPhone picture of the latest procurement {for the fathers}:

we already have Evs' tie (pretty much the same pattern as the one pictured above but in deep raspberry) and ties for the groomsmen (solid marigold), but we were at a loss for the dads - neither of our fathers wear ties on a day-to-day basis so we didn't want to purchase them a $60 wedding token that they'd never use, but we still wanted them wearing a tie in the correct color scheme that was classy looking.

many of the wholesale options i saw online were really cheesy but i found these at The Tie Bar - they are 100% silk and only cost $15: total bargain! i ordered them on Thursday and they arrived today - quick, cheap, and good-looking!


  1. Great choice! We had the hardest time picking out ties for all of the husband wore a chocolate/rust tie with tiny white polka dots. I wanted to find the groomsmen chocolate ties with thin white stripes...and THIS TIE DOES NOT EXIST. We looked everywhere! I literally spent months looking, before we just gave up and bought something completely different.

    Lesson learned: ties are tough!

  2. haha... Careful, ties are a slippery slope! But on the bright side, when you finally get around to returning the rejects, it's like FREE MONEY :-)

  3. Love the tie you chose! I forwarded the website to Hubs to check out. He'll be needing nice ties in all his budding attorney-ness :)

  4. I love ties and I don't even wear them. I am always picking up cute ones for my husband! I'll check out the Tie Bar! Happy Monday!

  5. Love the tie you picked for the dads(and the price)!

  6. What a great find! The ties are a gorgeous colour.

    Hope all your preparations are going well x

  7. UM, you just SAVED my LIFE (from a wedding perspective, that is! haha) We've had the hardest time trying to figure out where to get "cost-effective" marigold ties for our groomsmen, ushers, and dad. THANK YOU for this post, going to check it out today!

  8. i just emailed you re: ties. lol. thanks in advance.

  9. Ooh...what a great site! We're in the same situation with non-tie wearing men. Thanks for posting this!


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