Monday, April 20, 2009

little white lies

there is a time and a place for the LWL... take the chat i had with Neighbor Lady yesterday afternoon - without the LWL., this convo would surely have ensued:

NL: are you coming to the block party this afternoon?
K: ummmm...
NL: you have to. this is University Park. that's what we do.
K: well, we're just renting, and i voted for Obama, so its not like we're legit yet - maybe just think of us as UP squatters!?
NL: but we hear you made pot roast.
K: um, yeah, but that's just because my crockpot is really badass. i haven't even turned on my red kitchen aid mixer yet.
NL: but there'll be children! lots of squawking children! with bikes and scooters and waterguns!
K: yeah, we don't have kids. we have an errant terrier who is oddly afraid of kids.
NL: but we have Heineken!
K: and we have 6 bottles of white wine that we got for 10% discount in the carrier pack, and i think Evs has one of those weird Japanese beers left that we purchased in the yuppy alcohol section at Whole Foods.
NL: what about 7 layer dip? do you have 7 layer dip? we do!
K: look lady, the truth is, its Spa Week, okay? this afternoon, i'm paying half-price to have diamond flecks rubbed all over my face. and then i'm planning on peeling the top 3 layers of skin off my mug with pomegranate acid. all in a vain attempt to cling tightly to my quickly-fading youth. and Evs doesn't like socializing with strangers without me there to act as a gabbing buffer. he'd rather put together our new bookcase from West Elm that only comes with directions in French. or have evil elves rip out his toenails.
NL: but---
K: step off, bitch!

but, thanks to the LWL, our exchange went something like this:

NL: are you coming to the block party this afternoon?
K: actually, i am just so bummed, i have a bridal shower i have to attend for a dear friend.
NL: well, dear, we're all busy - i have 4 other things i could be doing today.
K: (thanks for the passive-aggressive suburban guilt, but) i'm the Matron of Honor.
NL: well, we sure will miss you!

hopefully she was too busy stuffing her face with 7 layer dip to notice that i came back with a baseball cap pulled over my face to hide the post-microderm-peel "glow." eh. oh well.

in other weekend news, the cottage is coming along nicely after some serious exchanging / shopping at Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. i don't have pictures of our room yet because our Yellow Painterly Paisley bedding had to be ordered but here are the (vastly improved) guestroom, dinning room, and entryway:

this is Evs' old bachelor furniture (which i have dubbed the Adult Cowboy Collection) - i severely dislike it but its low on the list of replacement items at this point. i think we did a decent job down-playing the whole "Home on the Range" aspect of it.

dinning room (above) and breakfast nook / bar (below) - still working on filling all of those shelves in the dinning room.

i heart (new) lamp (from PB)

our new entryway bookshelf / console / whatever you want to call it - from West Elm. Evs put this together while i was "bridal shower-ing" - he did a great job and i love how it looks!

we also purchased this (+ a sterling grey quilt that isn't online) from West Elm for the 2nd guestroom in the "guest cottage" - i think they will look fabu with our "new" bed (thanks to MM and Mr. Mojito!) - once we get a mattress, that is.
btw: thanks to everyone who advised against the wine chiller from W-S; we'll be using our returns to go towards the indoor grill instead!
finally, we saw Sunshine Cleaning on Saturday... i was bummed by it - i had really high hopes but was unimpressed with both the character and plot development. luckily, we were at the Angelika and there was an entire bottle of pinot grigio to enjoy - always making a mediochre movie a bit more enjoyable!
hope ya'll's weekends were fan-tab-u-lous!


  1. Oh yeah. I have the same PB lamp. But am not as good at LWL as you. Must practice.

  2. I love your dining chairs! Nice work this weekend. :)

  3. Your home looks so cute! I love your kitchen cabinets. Ours are bottom of the barrel cabinets that look like they came out of an apartment. But alas, they are near the bottom of the home improvement list

  4. I love it! Sometimes a LWL is absolutely in order. I hope you enjoyed Spa Week-- unfortunately there weren't any participating spas anywhere within about a 5 hour drive for me. Maybe next year I'll plan a girls weekend to coincide... not a bad idea at all!

  5. oh good! my guest bedroom appears ready for me ;-)

  6. teeehhehe. love the lwl.
    love the art piece above your husband's "cowboy" collection. haha!

  7. Are you talking about the DeLonghi indoor grill from W-S? It is absolutely AMAZING. Our favorite wedding gift by far. We use it all the time.

  8. You've done such a wonderful job with your house!! I love the "Hall's" cute!

  9. Maybe one of these days I will get my ass to the store and get your gift. Um, yeah, your place is approx. 1000 times cuter than my apartment, so I hate you. So maybe you don't need my gift afterall.

    (Ironic LP Party- WHEN??)

  10. Love your house! :) So cute and that black piece is amazing.

  11. 1. i wish you would have said that to your neighbor...priceless.
    2. YAY for posting a mini home tour...I can't wait to see it in person :)

  12. Yall - Went over to the new "Cottage" on Saturday and it's even cuter in person! Absolutely loved it. Couldn't stop raving about everything and I got a serious case of house-jealousy.

  13. Your house looks great! Can't wait to see the rest of the tour!!

  14. Love your new cottage pics--great new lamps,etc. Tell Evs way to go on putting the new entryway piece of furniture together!

  15. haha i love it! i hate weird conversations like that. why dont people take the hint?

  16. I am DYING over your new pad! Jealous doesnt' even begin to describe it- can we please move into your little guest cottage!? *in love*


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