Tuesday, April 21, 2009

looks gross...

... actually delicious:
  • 2 (exploding) chicken, spinach, and feta sausages +
  • 1 box Near East sun-dried tomato rice mix +
  • steamed broccoli
mix together = yummy dinner ("one of your best yet" says Evs... famous last words as i will now resume making only meals that require 3 ingredients)

now watching Schindler's List... because everyone knows that's an Upper. luckily there is wine... and thank-you notes... always with the thank-you notes.

here's to you, Tuesday.


  1. thank you notes...so glad i am done with those! the day you write the last one, it's a great feeling :)

    Yummy dinner!

  2. Waaaaaaaait. You mean ONCE AGAIN I am going to have cramped up sore hands due to thank you note writing? What a buzz-kill. I thought now that I addressed my invites I was done. :(

  3. yeah not gonna lie, this looks nasty but i'm willing to try anything


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