Monday, April 6, 2009

pre-nuptial madness

so yes, the wedding was Amazing (and ya'll know i don't do capital letters!) - i really did have the best time of my life - i hesitate to even try to describe the feelings and memories because words like "perfect" and "special" and "fan-freakin-tanstic" somehow don't come close to describing the weekend. so, while i have a "K's Wedding Do's & Don'ts (for what they're worth)" post planned soon, i've decided just to let the pictures do the talking for now!

below - snapshots of the pre-wedding festivities!

Thursday Night - Ritas at the Iron Cactus with Evs' fam. me with my lovely RJB and ACJ, enjoying some adult beverages.

Rainy Rehearsal... Friday morning

Burkha Bride: New Look for Spring '09

that's me sayin' "'sup, God, let's not do this rain thing manana"

me and my gorgeous MOHs

bridal party drying out in my aunt Joy's kitchen

Bridesmaid Luncheon at the Sunday House, Moonshine Grill

the pretty centerpieces (and mimosas!)
super duper excited about the appetizers (all cheese, obvi)

me with my beautiful aunt, grandmother and mom

the girls' gifts...

... customized clutches by Etsy seller La Vita Lola and Thai pashminas

Rehearsal Dinner at the Salt Lick!  
(and two secret male blog followers - love you guys!)

CSP, me, RJB and HDH

me, ACJ, and JAJ

Evs and 3 of his law school groomsmen

my precious Mama J and Daddy Jim

SAI and ACJ takin' some tequila shots!

me and Monitor

RJB, me, Evs, and MBG

its the big day! time for Magnums! 

the sweet parentals and me

RJB, me, and the best wedding gift from a groom EVER (C. Lous!)

more getting ready and wedding shots tomorrow!


  1. Woooo! Wedding posts! Keep em' coming. I tried very, very, very hard to keep it to a minimum. Love the shout out to your secret male blog followers.

  2. what do the C Lous look like!?

    also, i LOL'd at your "sup god" quote. hahahah.

  3. Don't forget to invite Sally to Champagne Thursday!!

  4. Ahhhh, best gift EVER! Must see! Must see!

    Also, T is personally offended that I'm not buying a new dress that will match my seersucker CLs for Saturday. But hello! Trying to be fiscally responsible!


  5. I love your little comment too! I'm gonna go to sleep wondering what your gift was! :)

  6. love these pictures, so much fun. your adorable!

  7. Totally loving all these photos. Keep em coming!

  8. I can attest that my co-secret reader and I were both elated to get a shout-out in your pictures.

  9. must post pics of the shoes!!! omg best gift ever.

  10. WHERE did you get your rehearsal dress? OMG, I'm obsessed. Must have.

  11. Woo, thanks! I was talking about the Tirna Turk, but I love them both. You're adorable. :)

  12. these pics are great! can't wait to see more!!

  13. I'm so enjoying your wedding recap posts!! It looks like you had the time of your lives, so fun and beautiful and surrounded by smiling friends & family in every picture :)


    Saskia x

  14. Dude. Are you kidding me with the C Lou's??? Really?

    I've mentioned this elsewhere, but how much do I love that you had wedding events at Moonshine & Salt Lick. Genius.

  15. Love your pics! You look great and I am loving all of your food/restaurant choices!! How fun!

    P.S. Must see pic of C Lous immediately!

  16. is it bad that I just can't get enough?!?

    I love wedding pics! Keep 'em coming!!


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