Monday, April 27, 2009

prettay, prettay...

"prettay alright" weekend (as Evs would say) - and after a hellacious couple of days at AF, it was exactly what i needed. while i would love to unleash a work-related mega-rant, even my big mouth knows that would be against my better interests... so instead, i give you a very uncreative bulleted list of our weekend activities...
  • Mango's takeout and Trouble the Water on HBO - if you have a chance to see this documentary (a 1st-hand account of Hurricane Katrina), do so - maybe a bit heavy for a Friday night but i was mostly blown away by the positivity and strength of these people who not only lost everything but were left to die like stray animals. not sure if i could see the good in humanity after an experience like that... hmmmmm, deep thought to ponder.

  • UPS Man gifted me the Yellow Painterly Paisley duvet! i adore it - Evs thought we were just getting a yellow quilt and is a bit hesitant... even though he was there when we scanned it with the gun-thingie... too bad, so sad - we're sleeping on yellow paisley - that's that!
  • trip to Williams-Sonoma on Saturday to do some registry returns... bit peeved with the W-S return system as some items ordered off the internet are categorized as "catalog items" and have to be sent back to some different sector - only then do they mail us credit... an-noy-ing. nevertheless, we purchased the Breville Indoor Grill.

  • solo trip for me to Michael's and World Market for frames and rando decor. i have officially done all that can be done with Adult Cowboy Furniture in the guestroom! also framed the Barcelona print from One Canoe Two - it now resides in the half-bath and i love it!

  • planted a little aromatherapy garden in the kitchen window (in the little copper pots)... can't wait for chamomile, lavender, and sweet lemon to bloom!

  • celebrated our "First Kiss / First Date Anniversary (April 26 and 27 of 2006, respectively) a tad early on Saturday night at Salum - very, very yummy! wish we'd taken a picture...

  • Whole Foods and TCBY run on Sunday morning... then Target and Party City for accouterments for Jacq's Bachelorette Party next weekend!

  • a walk around the neighborhood with the Boom and a test-drive on the Breville rounded out our Sunday!
now i'm contemplating what to do with 3 canvases i purchased... while wholly uninspired in my professional life, i'm feeling drawn back to painting - a talent/skill of mine that can only be described as entirely amateur. i loved sketching as a kid but never had any formal training... took a class in college and loved it (see the half-naked prostitute below)... did a whole "series" of swirly trees whilst bartending in San Antonio (one of which i hated and Evs loved, so i gave it to him, not knowing we'd get married and i'd have to look at it every day again - the red and yellow below)... did some portraits of Boom... now i have a whole lot of acrylic paint, 3 canvases, and not a clue what to paint. conundrum.

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow, you were so productive this weekend!! And I love, love, love the yellow paisley duvet- it's so pretty (or should I say, prettay?) Either way, it's so bright and cheerful and fun!

  2. I am LOVING your duvet cover! So pretty! I need to buckle down and work on some of our home decor. Your post of your lovelies has inspired me :)

  3. I love the paisley! It looks great, my signif isnt into patterns so I have bedding envy almost everytime I see the fun stuff out there!

    Also, your paintings are impressive! Keep it up and imagine all the one of a kind things you guys can pass down!

  4. Love the duvet cover! Your paintings look great ... if I tried to paint a person, well, you wouldn't know it was a person!

    BTW - conundrum is my all time favorite word! It makes me happy when other people use it. :)

  5. the PB duvet looks wonderful! loves it!

    your paintings are pretty great, too. you're such a renaissance woman!

  6. As a Red Cross shelter manager during Katrina, I have to say that it played out much differently than the one-sided documentary presents. The majority of the people were already over dependent on government services to the point where even in disaster they were unable to do anything alone. When helped the majority were greedy with a sense of entitlement. People from around the world poured out their hearts and wallets to help. Contrast that with the most recent Texas hurricane. 1/8 of the news coverage and 1/30 of the assistance. My own parents were out of their home for 6 months. I doubt a documentary will be made on that.

  7. You got so much done (makes my little weekend seem prettay lazy!) Love the yellow paisley print (and that Evs thought it was a yellow quilt...gotta love men!)

    Your paintings are awesome. I second BEB, you really are a renaissance woman!

  8. re Katrina, to Casey - We all know that some individuals rise up in moments of struggle and some individuals do not. But when even our disgraced former president (I'm being kind) admits that Katrina was mishandled from its top-down start, I think it's valuable for the rest of us to acknowledge it as an all-time US Government low and learn from our mistakes. The scale of the tragedy and the (dis)organized response was what turned Katrina from Storm to Story. That turning point was all man-made.

    As per Galveston, give your mom a camera and see what she comes up with - I bet you there are folks who'd love to know her story, too. I, for one, have found NPR's coverage down there to be illuminating.

  9. What a busy and fun weekend! I love the yellow duvet- so bright & cheery!

  10. Um yeah, Casey. I'm not really sure how ANYONE can make an argument that the government did it's job during Katrina. And I speak as someone who's father lived in the city for a year post-Katrina and had a grandfather who was a resident of NOLA. And you are really trying to compare Katrina to...well, anything else?

  11. Wow, look at you, being a secretly talented painter! The swirly tree is my favorite, but they're all good.

    Like the yellow duvet set, too; the color really adds interest to what looks like an otherwise neutral room.

  12. While the government definitely didn't do the greatest job, I agree with Casey. Many people had become so dependent on the government that they expected everything to be done for them.

    If everyone had heeded the GOVERNMENT'S WARNINGS to leave before the hurricane, it wouldn't have been such a debacle.

    If they had left, when many people came back, they looked at their residence and just left. Didn't even try to fix it up. Just gave up. Moved on. Blamed it on the government that they had to move and that their house was destroyed. It was the government's fault that now they have to live somewhere else.

    Personally, I believe there are many people at fault here, including the government and the citizens.

    However, at some point people have to take responsibility for themselves and stand up and find a way to fix it. Those aren't the stories that we hear coming out of NO.

  13. the duvet looks great!!! you had a very productive and fun weekend :)

  14. Look at you little Miss Talented Artist! Those are really good paintings!

    And I love the duvet cover. Love it.

  15. Aw, the half naked prostitute is my favorite of the three! LOL!

  16. Whoa! Sorry, didn't mean to start a fight in your comments :)

    I did not say the Katrina was handled perfectly by the government. The president, the mayor, the governor. Every single level could have done things better. What I WAS saying is that the people are as much at "fault." When disaster strikes you have to make a choice. You attempt to rebuild and move on or you allow yourself to be a victim. The response of people in many other places had proved that it is possible to rebuild and move on. Jane stated it well.

    Am I comparing Katrina to something else? Not directly. I am however looking at the response of an area who has made it through several storms in the time period since NOLA had one. It IS possible that the people could have done more and expected less from others.

  17. What a fantastic duvet!! Your home is looking so lovely!


  18. Just stopped by, and you have fantastic taste! And, I am in love with your tree painting!


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