Thursday, April 23, 2009

pretty paper thursday

today, PPT is pleased to feature Gadabout Paper!

i have to thank Sweet Carolina Bride for the recommendation - i love getting emails about all the pretty paper out there, so keep 'em coming!

each Gadabout card is customized with your name or monogram and printed from a hand drawn design on thick 5 x 7 cardstock - your choice of white or ivory. 25 cards and envelopes per set for $35.

my favorite thing about Gadabout is the mini-history / culture lesson accompanying each card... here are my personal picks:

Thissur Pooram: "Known for processions of richly caparisoned elephants, Thissur Pooram is one fo the most colorful and decorative temple festivals in India."

Lale Devri: "The wealthiest era of the Ottoman Empire has often been referred to as the tulip era, or lale devri in Turkish. Seen as a sign of beauty and abundance, they have long been enjoyed in and outside of the home."

There's No Place Like Home: "The Wizard of Oz has long since reminded us of magic shoes. The fact that L. Frank Baum wrote of silver slippers and Victor Fleming showed Judy Garland in ruby makes little difference. No matter what color or style, they always seem to get you where you want to go."

"Since the late Bronze Age, henna painting has been thought to bring good luck. Representing happiness and grace, these complex floral patterns have become a symbol of celebration inside Indian culture."

"Held in Merrakech, the Djemma de Fina is one of Morroco's most entertaining market places. Amongst performing acrobats and snake charmers, visitors may purchase local art and curio from hundreds of traders and booths."

thanks again SCB for the rec!

Happy PPT, chickadees!


  1. I love the Mahendi design! I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled and send any recs your way ;)


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