Tuesday, April 7, 2009

things i think about

while the fact that i've never actually seen an episode might have something to do with this... i just don't GET Hannah Montana...

i mean, as mind-numbingly self-absorbed and altogether idiotic as i was in high school, i'm pretty sure i would have noticed that the international teen sensation on the cover of People Magazine was really just my best friend in a bad blond wig.

also is Billy Ray Cyrus like the biggest Prostitution Papa since Joe Simpson or what? Achey Breaky Heart was 17 years ago, dude! stop whoring your daughter out in lieu of your own botched fame! oh, and lay off the highlights and the Chi... no one likes a 40 year old metrosexual.


  1. teehee...you just made my Tuesday. I'm glad you are back and blogging. =)

  2. Billy Ray makes my skin crawl. He is one seriously creepy Papa with a NASTY soul patch to boot!

  3. Though I kind of agree with you, I have to defend them as they are from Kentucky and my Aunt Phoebe, God Bless Her little heart, swears that Billy is our distant cousin and she might be right...

    Everytime Hannah Montanna comes on tv, I end up watching it... not sure why... it's weird. It's like a train wreck, it's so bad it's good and I can't stop watching it! My other weird one is Handy Manny... I just like it that his tools all speak Spanish! hahaha

  4. Oh my gosh...that was hilarious.

  5. you mean, you don't think billy ray cyrus is a stud muffin!? treason!

    oh god, i can't believe i used billy ray cyrus and stud muffin the same sentence.

    but i must confess, i've watched the show a few times. generally after a long day at work when i can't handle something that requires brain cells. if that's any indication of the show.

  6. I wish I could explain it... but I cannot.
    My 10 year old loves her, and is on the count down for the movie... she has a few of her songs on her ipod and watched the show only a couple times a month these days... but she still REALLY likes her.


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