Friday, May 8, 2009

lover's apology

dear nanners,

i return to you, once again, with my proverbial tail 'tween my legs, like a sheepish puppy who piddled where she shouldn't have.

i'm assuming you've noticed by now how infrequent my trips to you have become - dropping off altogether as of late. and maybe you've even heard of my clandestine affair, with a glorious mistress whom i fondly call "The Crew." i know its no excuse, but i just couldn't help myself... the ruffled tissue tees! the rosettes! the grecian jersey draping! when was the last time you gave me a rosette???

but i digress.

i know i've been distant, but this afternoon i was feeling nostalgic so i mosied on over to you, old friend, and what did i spy?

wonder of all wonders! you've rediscovered color! and safari prints like i've never seen! oh BR - its a feast for the eyes (and the wallet)! i'm sorry i ever doubted you (even though you deserved it)!

i am forever yours, faithfully,

~ Luxe Customer K

PS: sorry to mention this - i know its touchy - but, i hope you're down with bigamy... i just can't let go of my ruffle tissue tees!


  1. Thank goodness they finally have some dresses worth stopping in to see! I'm also Luxe and I haven't found anything to buy since Christmas. = (

  2. Oooh, cute stuff. I will have to go check it out!

  3. pretty...pretty...pretty. after my morning of shopping (err spending) i should not be shopping - WHY ARE YOU TEMPTING ME!? :)

  4. Were you by chance in Anthropologie at North Park around 3ish Friday afternoon? I thought it was you but couldn't be sure so I didn't say anything!

  5. Dammit Kate. I'm in a shopping fast.

  6. i hadn't visited in ages either for one very obvious reason (ahem...pregnancy) and because i hadn't been super impressed lately either. but i went there this morning for some post-pregnancy outfit inspiration! that first dress was the one that really caught me eye. love it!

  7. You're killing me. Not only did you bring RueLaLa into my life and hurt my account during the BCBG sale (hehe) but now this. Killing me Kate!

  8. I JUST bought the light green tank!!

    Love it!!!

  9. oh god, i want to run away with that ikat dress and live happily ever after. it. is. GORG.

  10. I've done the exact same breakup, and have only recently returned to my first love, The Republic.

    Lots of great stuff there right now, and I'm adding that lime green halter top to the list.

  11. Oh I cannot tell you how many times I have walked past the BR just shaking my head and knowing that nothing but dismay would come from a pop in... Thank you for showing me it is safe to return. Oh the color, the maxi dresses, and that cute little green halter style top. BR and I may be back on again as well!


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