Thursday, May 14, 2009

eggplant excitement

so, as is becoming quite the trend, my day so far has been Not So Hot. let's review:

- no hot water this morning because Evs and i are imbecils and didn't realize that the cottage heats water with gas... we've only been paying electric - oops.
- um, crap i can't talk about
- some more crap i can't talk about
- and some more C.I.C.T.A.

but whats the perfect pick-me-up on a Sour Thursday?

(besides CT tonight with my favorite Dallas gals, obvs - that would be too easy of a pop quiz!)

(oh, and besides PPT, because i'm a bad paper-lover and forgot - i'll make it up next week. promise, promise)

pretty purple clutches! duh.

this Gilt Group find by Lorelei makes me smile really really big! bonus: had no clue the lining was hot pink - which makes me smile even bigger!

Happy Thursday! i surely hope your's is going better than mine!


  1. That clutch is CHA CHA CHA!!!! So cute - that would cheer me up too for sure if I had a sour Thursday!

  2. Excellent clutch! I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I hope things begin to look up soon.

  3. Love the clutch! Hope your day gets better. Champy always helps me :)

  4. Love that clutch!! Hope things start to get better soon!

  5. so cute!!!! i so hope that your day gets better and that you gals have lots of fun tonight!!!

  6. Hope things get better - that clutch should help! :)

  7. that is a FAB clutch. happy FRIDAY!!

  8. I LOVE the purple clutch! Hope your weekend is better than your Thursday!


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