Friday, May 29, 2009

morning commute musings; weekend preview


the Boom does not appreciate Lionel Richie. this fact saddens me. i tried to get her to join my "All Night Long" Conga Line this morning and she just stared at me like i was a total tard. ummm, helllllooooooo, you are a canine - you get confused when you fart, and you eat $18 underpants - do not look at me like i am a tard. / why doesn't the document copy guy ever bring breakfast tacos anymore? / "kiss me thru the phone" has got to be the lamest song of all time. i mean, first off, its not even spelling properly - as if the IM Generation doesn't have enough trouble grasping the English language already. second, do people like Soulja Boy even make kissy noises through (pardon, "thru") the phone to their lady-friends? i mean, a bunch of white boys having phonesex makes sense - which is why N'Sync's "Digital Getdown" worked, ya know? but i don't think Soulja Boy gets all shmoopy like that. just my opinion though.


attending Evs' AF's Tranny Party tonight. no, not these trannies:

the trannies from the Transactional Section. they love it when you call them that. try it.

Saturday Night: pumped about dinner at Fearing's with Evs' boss and his wife - the ultimate down-to-earth power-couple: cute kids, awesome house, love their jobs, love each other, genuinely nice... annoying, i know. i plan on asking them the Secret to Life when the appetizers come out.

totally want to go see that Up Movie b/c the crotchety old man reminds me of Evs and the tard dog reminds me of the Boom (see above) and i love an IMAX and its been forever since anyone has come out with a decent cartoon.

that's all.

Happy Friday!


  1. what is wrong with the Boom? she doesn't like All Night Long?! is that possible? now i want to listen to it!

  2. I cannot tell you how much it bothers me when people use the word "thru."

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Have you seen Bolt? Also... Wall-E? Excellent animated flicks! I'm not sure about this Up business.

  4. Ah Trannys....I've got a few people I'll have to try that on at a recruiting event next week. I'm sure they'll love it.
    Corporate lawyers + Conservative=no sense of humor.

    Let me know how UP is. I want to take Lil, but only if it's cute. If it's not, she can wait for the DVD.

  5. Ha! I so wish the Anonymous Husband's transactional section had more (any) trannies and/or power couples with the Secret to Life. The least they could do is have some Lionel Ritchie at the firm parties (remember those, before the economy blah blah blah?). Wah.

  6. I think Up look so cute! Have a good one!

  7. This post reminds me to find some cute white pants.

  8. Cute post! Have a good weekend!

  9. Left you something on my blog!

  10. I loved Wall-E - have you seen it?

    Up at the Imax will be great!

    Boo to the Boom - why do our pets embarrass us so?


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