Sunday, May 17, 2009

nice little weekend

{also entitled: how i got drunk and pissed off a hooker}

Friday Night: Kona Grill and Star Trek... not usually my cup of tea but Captain Kirk was Yummm-O and they blew a lot of stuff up, so, you know, two thumbs up.

Saturday: lots of cleaning - parents coming next weekend - mustn't let them know we can't be trusted with big-kid things.

Saturday Night: lovely delicious (per usual) dinner at Dali Wine Bar, then off to the Rattlesnake for drinks with the CT Crew + Menfolk. while these hours have been previously recapped here and here, high-dollar trollops deserve a third go-round, dontcha think?

really i think the pictures say it all ... but just in case you need a couple more words...


$2k ladies of the night to go with your $20 drink (which, btw, deeeeee-licious - i think they put crack in them, just sayin').

sadly, expensive-ass hookers still get pissed off when you try to take pictures of clientele playing grabby-grab with their hoo-ha's in public. no fun at all.

side-note: if i was getting paid two grand a night to do... well, anything, - i think i might purchase me some cooler socks... but that's just me.

Sunday: brunch at Parigi (mmmm); bought a grill; bought a mattress; bought a succulent plant; painted a picture.

new goal: don't kill succulent. i'm told its like a cactus, so hopefully he'll live at least a couple weeks.

Mr. Madras Shorts, grilling us up some grub!

new mattress for the back house = actually putting together the back house. (shout out to Mr & Ms. Mojito for selling us the fab Ikea bed for dirt cheap!) i'm really into this room and i'm actually bummed that its not inside the cottage - its much more pleasing to the eyes than the Adult Cowboy Furniture, even though it has a long way to go.

please excuse the giant tupperware bins moonlighting as bed-side tables - we're going ghetto-fab for a bit while the furniture budget magically replenishes itself.

yeah. not sure if i'm liking this guy. there are some pomegranates in it, which is pretty cool, i think.

oh man. Monday tomorrow. gah.


  1. oh how i wish i could have been there to secretly take pictures of cheap looking expensive hookers.

    if i ever come to dallas, may we please go to that place?!?!? :) the back house (uh, love the whole idea that you have a freakin back house) and love the painting too!!

  2. love the painting and love your backhouse and love your decorating.

  3. You have a back house? That's so very cool! I love the way that room is looking!

  4. Love the bed and the painting!

  5. i love that you took pictures of the expensive hookers. cute bed! and the painting is impressive. i have not a creative bone in my body.

  6. Your painting looks great! And the back cool is that?!? Looks super cute!

  7. Yeah, still pissed about all the fun pics that went on when I was on the patio... ;-)

  8. you have a back house. that's all i have to say!

    and i want to say that your back house looks adorable and that your night at the ritz sounds like one that y'all may have to completely recreate when i come to town next time.

  9. The girl is the Dazed and Confused socks is a 2k a lay hooker? Seriously? Will wonders never cease? That just proves that some men really are as stupid as they look.

  10. The $2,000 part of this story just sunk in on this 3rd rendition I've read of the story. 2K! Exhibit 4,587,983 why I will never entirely understand the male mind (or some of them, at least).

    That painting is fab - is that one of the ones you did yourself?

  11. still laughing at the hooker's socks. how did you figure it out? i am so naive when it comes to that stuff. btw, love the painting! are you on etsy!? if not, get on there. tupperware moonlighting as bedside tables! hysterical.

  12. You are way too funny! love all the pictures and your guest room looks amazing, love that bed for sure. Wow, the ritz looks like one of a kind, I'll have to check it out if I ever make it out there :)

    Also saw you asking about running skirts, I got mine from target and I love it. I haven't tried the new balance ones though.

  13. 1. I look WASTED in that pic! ICK
    2. LOVE the bed! it looks great there!
    3. Ummm, love the painting. i may make you paint me something to hang in our room...or is that completely creepy? no, i'm not kidding

  14. Love your painting! I also love that you took pics of the hookers. Now the tweets make more sense!

  15. I applaud you and your sly pic takin' skills. My friend and I shamelessly filmed a wedding crasher getting down and dirty on the dance floor with several different male guests at my friend's wedding a couple weeks ago.

  16. Awesomeness.

    Also, I need to bleach my teeth. GAH.

  17. Its sooo hard to sneak a picture!
    Did the hooker say something to you???

  18. Hi Kate! After being referred to your blog through Stacy, I am now a regular reader. I feel like we might be related. You: a lawyer/writer, me: a writer/potential lawyer. Both: amateur painters/nesters.

    Keep the shenanigans and decorating tips coming. I am enjoying them tremendously.

  19. I can now go to bed b/c of this post!!! The sock picture made me laugh so hard. Thanks for all the sweet comments today xoxo


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