Monday, May 25, 2009

officially summer

two events mark the definitive transition into another long, hot Texas summer:

(a) burned the bejebus out of myself by the pool today, whilst wearing a halter swimsuit - thus ensuring much whining tonight and horrendous tan lines for the rest of the summer.

(b) heard that damn Lee Greenwood song on the radio - i love the U.S. of A. (promise) and 80s music is my jam (promise, promise) but, gawd, can't we play "God Bless America" or "My Country 'Tis of Thee" or something not written by a man whose signature look is this:

sweet jacket, Lee.

mmmmmm and now i'm off to eat some steak.

Happy Memorial Day, lovelies!


  1. I laid out today and was super hot!

  2. That is one hot jacket...don't be jealous, Kate. We can find you one...

  3. ummmmmmmmmmmmm wtf....i would have given up our anniversary day and brought some sangria to hang by the pool.

  4. Pool. Jealous. Hate.

    Actually, love. INVITE ME TO YOUR POOL DAMMIT.

    (and holy shit, my word verification is "meguests." A SIGN DUDE).

  5. sigh. the pool.

    and poor lee greenwood. that jacket is heinous!

  6. i too got super sunburned this weekend and i too hate the lee greenwood song. gag me please.

  7. I didn't get burned, because I got bored sitting by my pool with no trashy summer reading (damnit!), but, I was outside for a good 45 minutes and am a lot pinker today. Does that just mean I was really, really white to begin with??

  8. I am SO BURNT. Like, really crispy and hot-it's nasty. I will be self medicating with wine and reality tv. Happy Summer!

  9. I totally saw Lee Greenwood in concert when I was like 4 years old... oh yeah, I rock!


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