Monday, May 18, 2009


i've had several inquiries as to the bedding in the "back house" (thank you kindly!), so i thought i'd do a little PSA Follow-Up...

first off, re-reading my previous post, i'm a-thinkin' the word back house sounds a bit pretentious... nope, we don't have a home divided into wings and we prefer regular old French's mustard to Grey Poupon! it was actually a garage that burnt down several years ago and the owners decided to turn the space into an extra guestroom... i've noticed quite a few homes in our neighborhood with similar mini-guesthouses so maybe its what all the cool kids do. personally, i would probably rather have a garage but since no one asked me, we are the proud owners (er, renters) of a back house!

as for the decor...

happy decorating!


  1. Our property has a "back house" too. Unfortunately our landlord is renting it as a studio apartment, so we don't get to take up that space as well. We also have to jockey for parking with the other rando tenant.

    Love the bedding. I need to get decorating!

  2. Love the "back house" idea!! xoxo


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