Monday, June 1, 2009

changes are a-foot!

got some big news to unveil manana, but until then... a recap!

little bit of shmoozing at the Tranny Party - lots of skeeter bites.

lots of day-dreaming and travel-book-purchasing for upcoming (er, um, 10 mo. from now) trip to England!

lots of power-walking: training for 3 Day and perusing Open Houses (either heinous or unaffordable).

lots of this:

a ridiculously lovely dinner at Fearings - highlights: sweet tea vodka cocktails, Veuve, buffalo, and conversation beyond compare! still working on that Secret of Life Thing.

this little gem of a movie:

in 3D!

and yummy summer fare!

OH! and i have yet to kill the orchid! gracias for all the tips!

totally P-U-M-P, pumped for JAJ's Wedding Extravaganza in just 3 days!!!!!


  1. i officially hate you and your pool. NOT FAIR!

    P.S. Up was freaking awesome!

  2. I want to see Up! It looks soooo cute!

  3. So - how were your sweet tea vodka cocktails made? I've only had some frozen peachy concoction and I'm looking for recipes I can make at home since Firefly is now (finally!) available here.

  4. so jealous of the pool. still. i know i say that all the time.

    sounds like a great weekend! and i'm needing an Arnold Palmer stat!

    gotta convince the husband to see Up with me tonight!

    can't wait to hear about your reveal.

  5. What a fun weekend! So jealous of your pool-ing!!

    And I love your hair in that pic...someone has a little curl :) Cute cute!

  6. I'm very jealous of your pool. We have one at my parents, but that's too far. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  7. Oh to have a pool you lucky girl! :) London is going to be amazing-- I've never been but heard wonderful things. I love that you are a guide book kind of girl. I am such the planner when it comes to vacay!

  8. A big reveal? Oooooh, can't wait!

    What a fun weekend!

  9. i am ridiculous jealous of your pool.

    there. I said it!!

  10. yay england! i bet that will be a fabulous trip. and kudos on not killing the orchid. my begonias have now survived 2 weeks, i'm stoked!


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