Monday, June 15, 2009

holy hot, bloody sex scene, batman!

ahhhhh yes, True Blood is back on! which means once again Evs will retreat into the bedroom to watch baseball on Sunday nights, muttering good-naturedly "damn vampire smut," whilst i wriggle in anticipation for Alan Ball's latest masterpiece installment!

while many hard-core Southern Vampire Series fans might disagree with me, what makes HBO's True Blood so freakin' fantastic (or... fangtastic!!! hehehe pun!) is the fact that i care not about the many discrepancies between the books and the show... i thoroughly enjoy each separate and apart from the other. i mean, yes, the lack of Bubba on the show distresses me just because i think that little tidbit of the novels is so clever, but really that's about it. i love the mindless entertainment of Charlaine Harris' Bon Temps, but i am equally (or, lets face it, more so) enthralled by the development Mr. Ball so brilliantly gives the individual characters and the intricate ways in which he intertwines them more deeply into the web already woven by Ms. Harris. (how was that for a book report, eh?)

what are your thoughts on the season premier? are you a Charlaine Harris purist or an Alan Ball groupie?


  1. bah!! i didn't get to watch it last night...

    we don't have showtime, and it didn't work out to watch it at our friends' house!

    i'm dying here!!!!

  2. I was talking about this with Rachel on Saturday night... For me, the Alan Ball series is superior to the novels in every way.

    First, to get the Charlaine Harris compliments out of the way - she is imaginative and saw fit to give her heroine the kind of balls-kicking feminist spunkiness that I love. So thanks, Charlaine!

    But on to Alan... Let's face it, Charlaine Harris is not a great writer. At all. I like great writing. Alan Ball, on the other hand? A master at what he does. And yes, I'll admit to being somewhat of a Ball groupie... nearly everything he's ever put his hands on has made it on to my faves list, unashamedly.

    But the reason this pairing is brilliant is that Charlaine Harris provided the landscape from which Alan Ball could pick and choose and poke and dig into - and because he is who he is, the pieces he chose to explore/expand are the stuff of genius. (Maybe we'll get lucky with Bubba down the road?)

    The sex and blood and sheer drama of the storyline will hook lots of viewers, as they did readers. But the intelligence and political/sociological underpinnings of the script - that's what Alan Ball brings to the storyline, and that's what elevates to something beyond a novel I previously never would've read in public.

  3. So, here's the million dollar I need to have read more than the first Sookie book to start watching Season 1, or is there enough distance between the two that I won't be running into spoilers?

  4. OMG yes that sex scene was HOT! I love both the HBO show and the books in their own way. Im sooo glad this show is back on!!

    I also agree that Bubba should be in the show.

  5. I dont have HBO!!!! Crap... I did read the first book, and plan to start the 2nd next week!

  6. I'm watching this show now thanks to you!! I have to admit.. it's totally awesome. But I haven't read the books yet so I'm no help with which is better. I've got them ready to read though!

  7. oh thank GOD i finally watched it.

    and thank GOD it was as fangtastic (10 points for you!) as usual.

    hot bloody sexy scene. random vampire gore. mucho plot set-ups for the remainder of the season. fantastic casting for the younger sam.

    i think we have a winner!

    ps: alan ball groupie. charlaine is great, but alan is brilliant.


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