Tuesday, June 30, 2009

more pics!

apologies for flooding you with even more (fabulous) chicago pics, but some things went down (work-wise) yesterday that have left me in a foul, foul mood / uninspired in regards to perky blogging topics.

so, for now, i'll think happy thoughts about last weekend / the upcoming 3 day weekend!

more views from our condo / my reaction

Grant Park

time for Taste of Chicago!

the bean!

Millennium Park

Magnificent Mile

and even more fun to come... come on Erin with your pics!


  1. I love the bean!

    I cannot even tell you how many ridiculous pictures I have of us playing around it.

    On another note, I love the checkered [at least it looks that way on my computer] top you are wearing in those first few pictures.

    I am so glad you had fun!

  2. You DID go to the Bean!! It is my very favorite place :)

    So glad you had such a nice time! My sister lives there and I jump at the chance to go chance I get.

    I hope all of your work troubles work out for you soon and your stress level decreases!

  3. your pictures make me happy...we need to plan a trip ASAP

  4. Gorgeous! I'm totally thrilled for you!

    The bean is REALLY neat!

    The view from the condo is AMAZING!

    Thought you might want to know I'm doing a FABULOUS summer giveaway !!

    {maybe it'll take your mind off work?} ;0)

  5. i totally want to hop on a plane to chi-town now.

  6. don't you just love chicago? hope you enjoyed taste of chicago. i went one year and loved it!

  7. These remind me of our last trip there! Great photos. So sorry for the work troubles.


  8. looks like you had a blast. i love chicago, itws a good thing live here. you need to come back for a visit :)


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