Thursday, June 11, 2009

PPT: Kiddie Edition!

my oldest and dearest friend CSP mentioned recently that she was having some trouble finding cute stationary for her son (my precious, adorable, fabulous, #1 godson) Hudson and that i should do a Pretty Paper Thursday featuring kid-friendly products...

as i am worthless to say no to this face, and in honor of another cutie-patootie Hudson, i thought this week was the perfect time to feature some paper products for all the small fries in our lives!

the first two stationers featured offer the cutest semi-personalized silhouette note cards and invites for our favorite ankle-bitters!

from sarah + abraham:

from Color Button:

and Itsy Bitsy Store offers simple, fun jungle themed note cards and accessories:

and last but certainly not least, a recommendation from the Super-Mom-Suggester herself: Kids' Stationary by Amy Adele... so cartoon-y-cute that there were way too many to choose from! well, that and the website wouldn't let me "save as"... darn copyright issues!

Happy {Kiddie} Papering!


  1. So very cute! I love the ones from Color Button.

  2. Love all your suggestions. So cute. I love the ones from Color Button and I think Hudson needs the Elephant note cards. Thanks for this kid friendly post. I love it. Hope some other faithful blog readers love it too.


  3. That's it - I'm just going to consult you before I order any more paper.

    Those Color Button ones in particular are just To Die For. I want to frame the ones with the silhouettes & polka dot borders.

  4. oh my goodness! i love all of it! so so cute!

  5. Great suggestions. Loving it all. Especially in honor of the little Hudson's around :)

  6. i am obsessed with giraffes so i love the cards with those cute giraffes on them!


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