Saturday, June 13, 2009

summer play clothes!

remember when you were a little kid and you had that set of tees and shorts that you'd throw on after school before heading out to sidewalk-chalk / make mud pies / play hide-and-go-seek?

meet my Official Adult Play Clothes - Summer '09 Edition:

Striped Summer T - $9.99

Pintucked Drawstring Shorts - $19.99

now i'll be the first to admit... i did not think my new weekend uniform would come from GAP - i honestly haven't set foot in GAP for myself in years and years - although as a kiddie, i rocked the socks off of some GAP Kids. however, intrigued by the prospect of a potential promo with the brand, i popped into the store near the cottage on my way home and not only was i not disappointed, i was giddy with glee at the great summer steals!***

***this is not a blogging promo! not to sound lame, but my solemn oath (told ya - lame alert!) to all readers is that any product reviews you find here on EA are my honest opinions - products i say i love, i really love - and products i don't... i probably won't even waste my breath on! {okay, lameness over - resume normal programming}

its definitely still the same classic GAP - don't expect high fashion - but do expect high quality, reasonable prices, fun colors, and styles that are wearable for years to come.

have a great weekend: i'll be rockin' out in my play clothes!


  1. Have you seen the Merona tees at Target?

    They fit like the GAP tees and are an even bigger steal.

    I like those shorts by the way.

  2. my husband still has a drawer that he calls "play clothes".

    they're the gross stuff that I curl my nose up at when he wears them for anything other than running with the dog.

  3. How cute!!! :) Thanks for letting us know!

    I love having "play clothes" - lol! And I may actually have to hit up the Gap that I often ignore!!

  4. Loving the striped summer tee, perfect for summer with its fresh look. This is really making me want to sort out a new wardrobe for the summer which seems to be creeping up way too fast this year!! I've seen a few nice ranges in the Great Universal Summers Deals collection that have caught my eye to. Thanks for the post hun.


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