Thursday, July 23, 2009

PPT: Reader-Inspired!

you can thank Kelly over at And Your Little Dog Too for inspiring today's pretty paper thursday! Kelly - a fellow, fabulous Austinite - writes:

I am hosting an engagement party for a friend and I want some pretty paper cards to put next to the food I'm serving to explain what it is. I'm thinking something that's folded over so it sticks up. Any good leads on where I can find something stylish for this?

yay for menu cards! when planning our wedding, individually printed menus at each guests' seat seemed too much for a buffet dinner - too much manpower, too much money, and too much wasted paper! however, as a guest, i always appreciate being clued in as to what i'm about to put on my plate so i think menu cards next to each item being offered is a great compromise!

the easiest option (and what we did for our wedding) is the traditional tented placecard. you can find pre-cut, pre-scored placecards at Paper Source in 28 fabulous colors ($7 for a pack of 50). for a fun, casual feel, choose a lighter color and handwrite the menu items in a darker color. you could add a rubber stamp or a di-cut for some flare. Martha Stewart makes great little punches for Michael's if you choose to go the di-cut route (like these, but much more selection in stores). you can also make your own placecards by purchasing a quality cardstock and asking Kinko's (sorry, i refuse to call it "FedEx Office") to cut the cardstock into 7x5 pieces and score the pieces so that they will fold horizontally ("hamburger-style," if you will).

if you're looking for something a bit more on the creative side but aren't feeling craftastic, try pinning business card-sized cardstock to fruit that corresponds with the shower colors (lemons, pears, apples, and limes all work great) or, for a fete with a more cocktail-feel, put old wine corks to use!

if you're a mini-Martha, there are lots of little projects that would be inexpensive to make with a little creativity. According to Nina just featured an adorable centerpiece idea for a Going Away Party that could easily be modified for menu cards. scour dollar stores and craft stores for mini terracotta pots, metal buckets, or even sand pails. fill your chosen container with marbles, pretty pebbles, m&m's, sand, etc. then fashion a stanchion out of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, or close pins like the image below from Beau Coup. i love, love, LOVE the thought of taking polaroids of the couple, writing in the food selections on the white space with a colored sharpie, and sticking those in the stanchions (wish i had a picture of this, but its only in my head!).

another idea is to rock the chalkboard at the beginning of the display a la the events below on Style Me Pretty.

you could even use a french memory board or cork board, featuring a larger menu hand-written or printed out on heavy cardstock in the middle, with photos of the couple (together, as kids growing up, etc) surrounding the menu. french memory boards are super-easy to make - i made one for our wedding escort card display and its definitely a project one can execute while under the influence of several large glasses of pinot noir. googling "french memory board" will get you tons of how-to instructions but if you just want one that is easy and looks great but only needs to be used once, shoot me an email and i'll be glad to give you the quicky version!

hmmmm that didn't end up being much about paper, but i hope it was helpful to all you hostesses with the mostestes out there! and thanks again to Kelly for giving me something to run with this week!


  1. Love it all.. thanks for the ideas. I love hosting dinner parties and entertaining :)

  2. I love the fruit idea!! I will have to use that for something soon. The poloraid idea would be so cute! You are such a thinker!

  3. The chalkboard is too cute! Great post and even better ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much, I knew you'd be full of wonderful ideas! I really like the chalkboard idea if we end up going for more of a dinner service but will definately use place cards if we stick to a more hor derves theme.

  5. I love all of these ideas! Adorable!

  6. Love the fruit and wine cork ideas! Those never get old and always look great.

  7. Love, love, love. This gave me a lot of ideas for a lot of things! Thanks for such great info :)


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