Wednesday, July 8, 2009

say cheese? yes please!

um, so i'm a cheese fiend (its even my twitter name!). if i could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be cheese, hands down.

so how freakin' jealous am i of this groom's cake featured yesterday on the Little White Book?

sadly, the Evster is lactose intolerant (probably his greatest "flaw" - but he makes up for it with nice wavy hair, dynamic whistling talent, and the ability to eat more Mike & Ike's than i ever dreamed humanly possible) so no literal-cheesecakes in his future... but maybe for my birthday???

nothing says "feliz cumpleanos, old gal" like a big, carved block of manchego!


  1. Love it. I could go for a smoked Gouda Burger right about now!

  2. Love this cake & so glad to hear you're a fellow cheese lover : - )

    I was recently teling a few of the gals at work that my top food groups are creamy, cheesy, bacon-y and potato-y... HA!!!

  3. So crazy, this is one of my friend's from high school's wedding! I grew up with the bride and we even shared a bridesmaid in our weddings. While I was not at the wedding (booo, I would have loved to have eaten that cheese-cake), I too agree that it was lovely! Glad to see she was on LWB!

  4. now i need both cheese and mike and ikes. off to randall's to find treats for indulgence...

  5. i almost fell out of my seat when i saw this!! a tower of deliciousness. i'm embarassed to say i would eat this all by my lonesome.

  6. This is one of the many shared appreciations that make our friendship so wonderful!

  7. Ooh boyfriend would love this! Will have to keep in mine for the future :)

  8. I'm a brie whore. I love to bake it with a flaky shell and fresh fruit. It makes me a little, um, horny. But, only when I'm eating it with wine. So, it's probably the wine that's really making me horny. But, don't tell brie that. ;)

    PS-I find it slightly creepy that we both named our archives "the vault." I think this is going to be a lasting blog relationship.



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