Wednesday, August 5, 2009

mixer de-mystified {part two}

see {part one} here.

i said i would mix shit, and mix shit i did! in C. Lous! (and ratty pj pants + hot Anthro apron = sexy personified)

there's a little shindig going on at the Cottage this evening {more on that plus some fantabulous giveaways coming later this week!} and like all little shindigs, this one calls for cupcakes...

...and cheese, and sangria, and Firefly Sparklers, and more cheese, and spanakopita, and salsa, and more cheese, and guacamole, and... oops. sorry. back to it!

anyhoo, as i was saying: cupcakes! and to make cupcakes, you must mix!

i got off to a bit of a rough start... i.e.: i couldn't get the freakin' bowl screwed off my mixer. feeling my technique was off, i poured some wine and consulted the instruction manual.

"turn bowl counterclockwise." huh. that simple, eh? as i was huffing, puffing and cursing by this point, i was hoping for something a bit more like rocket-science and not something that practically screamed "hey, sausage arms! you're too weak to maneuver a kitchen appliance? maybe you shouldn't have cancelled those training appointments this week, eh champ?"

eff you, instruction manual! my shoes never talk to me that way! hi pretty shoes! ya'll rocking it down there? you know you totally match the Kitchenaid, right? yep, i planned it that way! why thank you, i thought that was a brilliant reason to pick a kitchen electric! oh stop, you flatter me so! no, you're cuter! no, you! you you you!

drats! off track again! skipping to the actual mixing, i did indeed get the pesky bowl unscrewed...

...celebrated with a victory self-portrait in the microwave...

... and prepared to mix!

as i used a boxed mix (Dunkin Hines Moist Deluxe Butter Recipe Golden!), i added a little extra "made from scratch" flair with the fancy-shmancy vanilla from W-S and a pinch or seven of cinnamon.

so... i have to admit... i love the mixer!

i mean, i don't expect that i will be mixing things on a daily (or weekly) basis, but damn if my whisk isn't about to go through a major dry-spell (don't feel too bad for it - it can totally hit on my lemon juicer)! i'm pretty sure that i've never mixed anything to such a smooth consistency with such ease - my batter practically looked like whipped icing. and my cupcakes? they seem super light and airy! magical!

don't mind the unadorned fruits of my labor... the mixing took it out of me - icing shall commence tomorrow.

and like all good little kitchen helpers, The Boom got to lick the spoon!

and yeah, this picture isn't from my Mixing Mayhem but it is from this weekend and it is super cute and it is a picture of a doggie pastry that probably required mixing by the brilliant bakers at Sprinkles and maybe they mixed it in a really, really big industrial Kitchenaid that's vintage-y pink and brown. if so, i wonder how many of those skinny Sprinkles girls it takes to unscrew a really, really big industrial vintage-y pink and brown Kitchenaid bowl.


  1. Those cupcakes look professional! The pic of you and Boom is definitely the cutest thing I've seen all morning (tough competition too- I have been perusing end of summer shoe sales all morning).

  2. I completely bypassed the cupcakes and spent about 10 minutes admiring your CLous. I MUST get a pair soon! Maybe if I wore them while I baked the Mr would be more willing to purchase?

    Congrats on baking!

  3. glad you used your mixer! i bought mine a few years ago after flipping thru the WS bread cookbook and nearly all of the recipes called for a "heavy duty mixer". way to justify it, huh? haven't used it much since, but it sure is pretty :)

  4. i am now officially craving cupcakes...

  5. I totally know what you are saying about those pesky bowls. They are really hard! I got the huge 6 qt bowl mixer for Christmas last year...and it's bowl attaches a little different...but it is STILL hard to get on and off! What's up with that??

    Glad you liked your mixer! They are fantastic!

  6. Hehehehehehe. You are cracking me up.

  7. Your post was too funny!! Made me smile on this sunny afternoon :)

    The cupcakes look fantastic!!! Hope the icing goes well tonight!

    Saskia x

  8. Hahaha You are crazy funny. Love your mixer, shoes and cuppie cakes! :)

  9. woot woot! Can't wait for tonight!!!!

  10. Are you sure you didn't take the picture of your cookbooks in my kitchen? I have the Good Food Fast, Fast Slow Cooking, and Bride & Groom stacked like that on my counter. They are on top of the WS Salad Cookbook though. Those cupcakes look delicious! I use my mixer a few times a month. I have the meat grinder and pasta attachments and they are great. I'm obsessed with perfecting a pasta recipe.

  11. Wait. You didn't mention a top. Were you topped, whilst baking?!


  12. I love the picture of you and Boom and congrats on mixing!

  13. CRACKING ME UP!!!!!!! Love the shoes... what mixer?

  14. I loved part 1 and part 2. The insight about newlywed's and their Kitchenaid's is exactly right. I studied feminist philosophy is college and I too have read a lot of Naomi Wolf and yet I am so in love with my Kitchenaid. When I saw part 1 I immediately clicked on the recipe cards to buy them. Sadly they were sold out.

  15. Thanks for doing SO MUCH of the party work. And ya know, mixing shit.

  16. I'm with CV. WERE YOU MIXING TOPLESS?!?!?! Inquiring minds need to know, lady. I'm kind of sort of thinking you were. Kinky.

    You totally had me at the part with the seven pinches of cinnamon, though. I loooove cinnamon. Screw chocolate, give me cinnamon and I will love you forever and ever and ever.

    I actually dump it straight onto my pancakes. It totally freaks Husband out. :D

  17. nice job. glad it works out so well and looks pretty. everything should have multi-purposes!

  18. This just made me laugh hysterically. You are quite the funny gal there Kate! Those cupcakes look delish!

  19. 1. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer.
    2. Is your apron [that I can just see the tip of] from Anthro? Does it have cupcakes all over it? If so, I have the same one, and I love it. I love their aprons in general.


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