Thursday, August 13, 2009

PPT: fold

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one of my favorite bloggy friends Lulu of the Dirty Martini Diaries sent me these little guys on Tuesday - what an absolute textural (and i'll go ahead and assume tactical) delight!

almost better than the cards themselves is the tale of creator Miro Chun stumbling into her talent:

the first valentines Miro Chun gave her nursery school classmates were created in a flurry of panic (her Korean-born parents were a bit startled one the night of February 13th to learn of the tradition of exchanging cards). As fate would have it, handmade cards have not only become an anticipated ritual for Miro, but a way of life.

In the workshop, Miro Chun sits surrounded by stacks of paper, lengths of wire, and spools of thread. She crafts her handmad cards one by one, with meticulous attention to detail. In her attempts to redefine the handmade card, she draws inspiration from the paintings of her namesake, Joan Miro, and Alexander Calder's mobiles and wire circus.

Carnival of Harlequin

Hand Catching a Bird (my favorite)

ever a fan of 20th century Spanish artists (although as a true Catalan, i'm sure Mr. Miro would cringe at the Spainard descriptive), i'm totally digging the Miro influences. {yes, yes. add to my sociology geekery a love for Spanish literature, language, and art. i am way too cool for school}

at $11.00 a pop, fold creations make for a greeting card deserving of the most special occasion, but as Lulu pointed out, how amazing would these looked framed? suddenly eleven bucks for fabulous art doesn't seem so bad! i think the following animal friends would look adorable hung in a cluster on a child's bedroom wall.

be sure to check out fold online for purchasing and Miro Chun's blog for ridiculously awesome daily wire creations such as this:

caption: Drama of the Day: feeling a little "squirrelly" after a few late nights and a couple of drinks

**all photography credits of Miro Chun's work courtesy of Miro Chun / fold.


  1. I came across your blog through your comment at Mrs. Newlywed (re: I totally agree that suede can be worn in the fall). Absolutely adore these stunning cards.

  2. I adore these! Definitely see them framed. Thanks to Etsy I am running out of wall space- gah!

  3. These cards are so cute! I think framed they would be great, especially as a gift.

  4. Absolutely love the wire cards.. how cute!

  5. Hi sweetie! I am going private. if you want an invite, email me xo

  6. I love the little octopus & lobster! These would be really cute framed in the future nursery I have in mind...

  7. Those cards are so cute! Definitely frame worthy :)

  8. I always love what you find on PPT's.

    Thanks for posting these great finds.


  9. These are so cute! I actually framed a couple of papyrus cards and people are always commenting on how cute they are--they really are a very economical work of art! Great find!

  10. Love, love, love. You (and my dearest Lulu) have the best finds!

  11. I need that squirrel card!!! Soooo cute :)

  12. Those animals would look fabulous in a munchkin's room!


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