Friday, September 25, 2009

friday porn

all from one of my lustiest real estate stalking pleasures... Design to Inspire:

from Melbourne, Australia lofts...

to more whitewashed platters than my heart could ever desire... 

to the perfect mountain-hideaway clawfoot tub {in France, of course}...

to a Norwegian nook with just the right amount of quirk...

le sigh.

and, because you totally haven't seen this hot photo enough around the blogosphere (or blogosheres to some!), i give you a pictorial view of the most fun Champagne Tuesday of all time!  its been said before, but it can't hurt to repeat... i think someone needs to move to Dallas!


  1. hello, those pics are freakin' amazing...gave you an award on my blog btw!

  2. oohhh.... to live in dallas!!! sigh.

    yes, the loft is amazing!

  3. Nice mention in the Dallas Morning News. You're practically famous now!


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