Friday, October 9, 2009

friday porn

as some of you may recall, my Secret Lover is Oscar de la Renta.  but, shhhhhhh!  don't tell Angel!  there's simply nothing less becoming than your two Secret Lovers cat-fighting over you in a sea of silk and chiffon.


OdlR Ready-to-Wear 2010:  i just can't resist a man who can drape.

or one with an eye for architecture.

or one whose not afraid of color.

or one who likes ruffly, spangly, mermaid-y thingies.  (we're all about precision of vocabulary here at EA).

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  fashion crack!

{all images from Women's Wear Daily}


  1. i'm sure you have already seen, but Gilt had some of his pieces today. amazing!

  2. These are all amazing. Gilt had some of his things today. They were still out of my price range, but many were so so gorgeous.

  3. wow, i totally would pay money to see a cat fight between those too. and this is indeed fashion crack.

  4. I love Oscar de la Renta! I logged onto Gilt too late today to get this fab emerald green gown to wear to a law alumni gala and was so sad! It would have been perfect.

    I love every single picture you have here, so that somewhat made up for it!

  5. You made some FANTASTIC selections - I'm in love with at least 6 different pieces. For reals...

    Especially those orange numbers, I die.

    Love :-)

    p.s. Thanks for my Friday fix!

  6. I second all of what you wrote. Seriously. To die for.


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