Thursday, October 15, 2009

ring the alarm

was going to blog.  then we had a fire drill.  our building owes me 0.6 of an hour.

now all i have is wasted time and an energy efficient light bulb (door-prize for exiting the building in conformity with The Fire Plan).

happy thursday.


  1. We have false alarms all the time here. I hate it. I wish we got a door prize! Such a random gift.

  2. That .6 of an hour would frost my cookies. And a flippin' light bulb for your trouble? I'd tell them where they could put that light bulb. I HATE when people waste my time at the office when I could be billing. Unless of course I'm reading blogs - then I'll happily forego the billable hours. :)

  3. Fire drills are the worst, our building has them so often I'm afraid nobody would leave the office if there ever was a real fire!

  4. They give you "gifts" for completing fire drills properly? We are told when fire drills are (I know, what the point if it's sup. to be a DRILL?), so we all leave about 10 minutes early by way of elevator and head across the street to Target for a good hour, to avoid the post-drill rush for the elevators. Ha- we show them, but don't get "gifts" :(


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