Friday, November 20, 2009

kohl kwestions

How much do you hate it when people misspell words to be cutesy?  I hate it kind of a lot but couldn't help myself today... Catchy Blog Title beat out OCD Tendencies.  Apologies to those offended.

Anyhoo, does anyone line their eyes with kohl?  I picked this up the other day at CVS and have been wearing it all week.  I really like the effect, but I find it difficult to apply.  Actually, scratch that.  Applying it evenly to my eyelids is a snap, but afterwards there are tiny little pieces of kohl dust on my cheeks.  Try to brush them away and I look like I've been sucking face with Burt the Chimney Sweep.

Any tips out there for me in the blogosphere?


  1. I generally press a tissue to my cheek to catch any shadow dust but the Muse recently posted about shadow shields, which seem less cumbersome than my method :)

  2. I go the pot-o-kohl & eyeliner brush route every day, and totally get Chimney Sweep Face myself (kudos for naming the affliction, I'm totally borrowing it). After I shower and moisturize, I do my eye makeup first thing. That way, I can dust off the residue, or wipe it off and add a little more moisturizer w/o ruining foundation or blush (I do those 2 last in order to give the loose kohl time to settle). Hope that helps?

  3. I've always heard that you should powder the area under your eyes, then just wipe the powder and kohl dust off with a tissue when you're done with your eye makeup.

  4. No tips, I generally use a liquid liner and smudge, but I almost egged a Kathy's Kountry Kitchen the other day.

  5. Turn on your hair dryer (coolest setting) for a quick dusting. That usually helps with my powdered "oops!". :)

  6. Tap loose powder where it would normally fall and then sweep it away after you apply the liner. I have a covergirl loose powder that I use only for that purpose so I don't waste my Laura Mercier. But it does work. You just have to have enough to keep the kohl from sticking to your cheeks.

  7. Oooh I've never tried it, but now I'm going to be searching for it....

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