Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my top ten, for your judgment

Interesting things can happen when one trolls through documents for a dozen hours a day for an extended period of time.  One of those things is papercuts.  Hot damn, those bitches hurt!  And then there's Games We Play So As Not To Go Mad As A Hatter.  In certain circles of the office, the most recent GWPSANTGMAAH happens to be Top Ten Favorite Bands (/Musical Artists) of All Time.

Seems simple enough, yes?


The practical vs. social implications of these choices are massive!  MASSIVE!  Example: If I was forced to listen to only Dave Matthews Band for the rest of my life, would I go insane?  No.  In fact, I'd probably enjoy myself for the first couple of weeks.  I dig DMB.  But do I really love Dave Matthews?  And do I really want to be That Cliche Girl?

And then there's the peer pressure!  It appears that if Pearl Jam does not make my list, I will be divorced from the Kool Kids Table at lunch.  Dude, I dig Pearl Jam.  Even Flow is pretty much on all my slow trotting running mixes and would definitely grace the ranks of my Top 10 Favorite Songs of All-Time (so would Eddie Money's Take Me Home Tonight and Mr. Big's To Be With You, but that's neither here nor there).  It was also always my jukebox pick in the middle school cafeteria (which was totally taken away when this girl Haley went apeshit upon the death of Kurt Cobain and brought, like, $28 worth of quarters to lunch every day and played Smells Like Teen Spirit on repeat for a week).  But the music video for Jeremy totally gave me nightmares as a kid.  However it did make me nicer to this kid Noah who peed his pants every day.  BECAUSE YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!


Without further glimpses into grunge era playground politics adieu, and for my eternal critique and ridicule, I give you my Top 10 Favorite Bands (/Musical Artists) of All-Time*:

1. Van Morrison
2. Counting Crows
3. The Rolling Stones
4. Tom Petty
5. Bruce Springsteen
6. The Eagles
7. Michael Jackson
8. The Beatles
9. Nanci Griffith (say what?!  yes, shut your mouth)
10. Queen**

*in no particular order, except for Van Morrison who is the King of My Musical Soul.

** Preparing to be verbally stoned by my ultimate diss of The Best Band Ever.  Apologies, I'm just not very angsty... I like sparkly, shiny things and So You Think You Can Dance and happy wedges of cheese and bad movies from the 80s.  Mosh pits mess up my hair.  Although plaid is In this season... No, no.  Staying true to myself.  Will not be swayed by peer pressure.  Standing strong in my pretty shoes.


  1. Great list! Queen is an AMAZING band! Give me "Fat Bottom Girls" any day of the week!

  2. I was a freshman in college when Kurt Cobain passed. I was marginally bothered by it, because I'd very much enjoyed the Nevermind album. However, my preppy, private liberal arts undergrad mainly let this event pass without notice. Except one girl on my hall who made elaborate plans to travel from Kentucky to Seattle, and who wrote things like "yours in the name of Frances Bean" on her friends' dry erase boards.

    Needless to say, she didn't rejoin us during our sophomore year...

  3. I agree with 1,3,4,7,8. I hate the Eagles with a grand passions, yet I adore Seven Bridges Road and Joe Walsh solo. For me I would sub in a little AL Green, some Tina, and some Talking Heads. I play High Fidelity games such as this in my head constantly. Top 5 desert island albums is a fave road trip game of my friends. Check out

  4. i don't like nirvana either. there. i said it.

  5. The first conversation Trevor and I ever had where weren't hating on each other or naked involved a certain song. Turns out we both have a lot invested in "Anna Begins." In that moment of discovery, a single little-known song loomed large. "Uh oh... is this a real connection, then? Crap."

  6. Great list...Queen would probably be my number one - heck, my husband and I took dance lessons to bust out a choreographed routine to "You're My Best Friend" at our fun :)

  7. The Stones, The Boss, MJ, The Beatles, and Queen are all universally undeniable. Not a bad list, lady! Eff the Kool Kids, come sit with me.

    But I do like Nirvana, lots.

  8. Must add Elvis Costello and Prince. It is a law that all those who recognize the genius that is Van Morrison must also bow before Declan and Prince.

  9. Sigh . . . No Pearl Jam. Oh well. Hey wait! You weren't trying to put them in the same category as Eddie Money and Mr. Big were you?

    You can definitely still sit with us. You too, Victoria! I like your attitude.

  10. Your rant at the bottom made me laugh. I always feel so "not with it" because I am not familiar with a bunch of artsy, abstract bands.

  11. I think it's a pretty solid list! I'd have to agree with you on Van Morrison...amazing! Although I'd have to throw some Bob Dylan in there for sure...

  12. great list!!!
    my top ten includes:
    1. Fleetwood Mac
    2. The Eagles
    3. James Taylor
    4. Bruce Springsteen
    5. Van Morrison
    6. Tom Petty
    7. Elton John
    8. Queen
    9. Counting Crows
    10. Coldplay

    Do I have to stop at 10?? I have to get Sting/The Police, Billy Joel, Abba, and Pat Benatar in somewhere! I need a female on that list!

    And I know... Abba. But they're SO great! :)

  13. Haha, it is humorous how we are judged by our taste in music. I guess that's why it's the famous first date question! :)

  14. Love the list!! The Eagles are my all time ultimate road trip band. And I've traversed this great country of ours enough times in a motorized vehicle to know my road trip tunes.

    Musical tastes can get tricky--and judgemental. In HS I only listed to what the Kool Kids listened too--whether it was appropriate or not--or if I liked it or not. Didn't matter, I was awesome by association. In my own mind, of course.

  15. Queen is def in my top - excellent list!

  16. Excellent list. Queen and Counting Crows would definitely be on my list too. CC's are my favorite on roadtrips!

  17. I loved loved loved Counting Crows...until they did Accidentally In Love. Sell out! But there 90's stuff is still da bomb.

  18. I'm a country girl myself, so my list is much different than your. It probably begins with George Strait, includes Brad Paisley, Johnny Cash, Tim McGraw, and Miranda Lambert, and ends with Alabama.

    However, To Be With You totally ruled the dances we used to go to at the Presbyterian church up the road. Good times. Not that a boy ever asked me to dance... but I still rock out any time I hear that song.

  19. GREAT list Kate!! Please can I sneak in U2 as well?!


  20. Great list. For me Van Morrison and Frank Sinatra go hand in hand.


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