Thursday, November 5, 2009

PPT: Holiday Letterpress

There are few things I love more than Pretty Paper... but Pretty Holiday Paper is the end-all, be-all!  And seeing how Halloween is complete, November is officially here, and (most importantly) Starbucks busted out the Red Cups this week, I think we're due for the premier of some gorgeously festive paper treats!

Faithful EA Readers will recognize today's Pretty Paper Thursday art-teeeest as one of my personal favorites (proof: here and here and here): Hijirik Studio Letterpress!  I've been snooping around Etsy for wintery letterpress and these are hands down my current favorite (not surprised in the least!).  If I had a huge Christmas Card Budget, I'd order tons of these with a wedding photo fastened inside!

$15 for 6 Assorted Cards w/ Red & Green Envelopes

Order Here!  More Photos Here!


  1. Those sure are pretty, but I am making my own cards this year. My cousin has gotten me into scrapbooking and card making!

  2. Soooo pretty & they make me want to snuggle by a fireplace!

  3. holiday paper makes me sqeeeeeeeeeeee with joy. i adore christmas cards!! and these are amazing! just might have to buy some for myself!

  4. Those are soooo pretty, with a nice, easy elegance to them. We're off to visit her etsy shop!

    Hope you have an outstanding Friday,


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