Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best. Tag. Ever.

So, we live in an area that's pretty family-heavy.  I swear, you can't swing a stick in this 'hood without whacking an adorable rosy-cheeked toddler or elementary schooler.

Then of course there are the not-so-adorable angsty teenagers.  And what do not-so-adorable agnsty teenagers like to do?  Well, a lot of things, if I remember correctly.  But one activity that seems to be pretty popular around these parts is tagging cars.  Ahhhhh, yes.  The Shoe Polish Wars... don't it take you back?

Because of the prevalence of this extracurricular, Evs and I often spend many a long walk trying to decode the Teen Speak scrawled on the rear windows of brand new SUVs and BMWs (did I mention these are spoiled, entitled not-so-adorable angsty teenagers?  My first car was a freakin' 1983 Volvo and I was GLAD TO HAVE IT).

But today, I spied with my little eyes the most fabulous specimen of shoe polish artistry I've ever encountered.  A spectacle that needs no translation.  

Readers, I know you'll be jealous when I tell you that I live down the street from real, live royalty.



Who says kids today aren't creative?  I am now 114% intrigued by how this dude came to christened LORD BALLS.   Fascinating stuff, really.


  1. Oh, the shoe polishing! We had that down to a science: who was writing what, who was driving the getaway car, and how much time we should spend at each car.

    However, we never used the phrase "Lord Balls." I am also intrigued.

  2. Whooaaaa! Who ripped my moniker?That took, you know what.


    How come I have never ever, not once in my fairly-smart-and-somewhat-crafty-little-brain, HOW COME I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT TO PUT THOSE TWO WORDS TOGETHER BEFORE?!

    Jesus, what is wrong with me.

    My mind = blown.

  4. i'm not a normal commenter but when i saw this, i just couldn't help myself. it might be the second glass of wine that i am on right now, but this has got me literally laughing. out. loud. hard. and i have a feeling, everytime i think of it over the next few hours, it's only gonna get worse. thanks!!

  5. well lord balls is married to lady breastests and their son is little boy booty...didn't you know that?

  6. I am dying over Clemson Girl's comment! Too damn funny! Please get a pic of Lord Balls so that we can bow to his royal grace.

  7. Ahh yes, the not so adorable spoiled and entitled angry teens--what praytell are they angry about? Their new BMW was winter white instead of silver white? Life is hard. Sigh... Poor little dears (I say this as I'm sure I'll be dealing with one in about 15 minutes as it is finals week around here and that's an ordeal in and of itself!)

    Although, clearly, something stuck because the kiddo who wrote that is pretty brilliant, I must say.

  8. wow... i remember paying my little brother $5 to scrub all the shoe polish off my car one time in high school. i never quite got a fancy name like this, though.

  9. Lord Balls, indeed. I'm sure that story is priceless. Oh teenage angst/love/ingorant bliss...

  10. This is the best post I've ever read this year.


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