Monday, December 7, 2009

smellin' the roses!

I am a Texas Longhorns Fan.  No matter that my alma mater is not the University of Texas.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Demon Deacons... but this is Birthright Shit, people!  Both parentals, grandparents, and the vast majority of aunts and uncles infused in me the true Hook 'Em Spirit from the very beginning, and I grew up with weekends full of Longhorn football, basketball, and baseball.  Come to think of it, one of my first memories is of my father parking me, in all of my Bevo regalia, outside of the Frank Erwin Center, with my little pointer finger held high, guilt-panhandling for a cheap ticket... Don't call CPS just yet - the Padre was always a hop, skip, and a jump away - Plus, we always scored an excellent deal!  Baby's First Scalper Scam!

{parentals & me, Rose Bowl 2005 - Victory over Michigan}

{check out the nearly purple hair}

When Evs and I met, there were two major roadblocks standing in the way of Eternal Bliss: (1) the vast collection of cargo shorts contained in the boy's dresser, and (2) his unexplained allegiance to both OU and Duke (attended neither + no familial ties to either).  Goodwill took care of the dated Abercrombie & Fitch apparel and Sister Time has brought my Evster over the Righteous Side.**

So with much excitement and anticipation of the outcome of the Horns' 2009 Season, Evs and I booked airline tickets, reserved a hotel room, and put our name in the pot for National Championship tickets.  We were officially off to Pasadena!

Yeeeeah not so fast.  Last night's Big XII Championship Game against Nebraska failed to go as smoothly as anticipated.  We expected a fantastic Corn Huskers defense... but did not expect our offense to play so shakily.  With 26 seconds left on the clock, visions of Rose Bowl 2005 against Michigan danced in my head and I lamented (several times, perhaps a smidge too naggingly) WHY DIDN'T YOU BOOK OUR TICKETS ON SOUTHWEST?  And when Nebraska mistakenly stormed the field with 1 second left on the clock, my mantra became NON-REFUNDABLE PLANE TICKETS!  UNEMPLOYMENT!  NON-REFUNDABLE PLANE TICKETS! ++

ThankYouSweetGuacamoleBalls, we pulled it out!  Catch Word of the Day?  Exhausting!  I woke up this morning feeling as if I'd run a marathon!  But, HOT DAMN, we are headed to Pasadena for the National Championship! HOOK 'EM!

Oh.  Right.  Photos.  Go.

(could I look any chubbier? nay)

Evs' practices his Heisman Pose

So... Thank You, Horns.  Thank you for making this week "The Week The Horns Came Through In A Clutch" instead of "The Week Kate Got Canned & Lost $300 In Non-Refundable Plane Tickets."

Woot, Woot!  National Championship, we're coming for you!

**Well, for football at least.  The man continues to cheer for Duke during basketball season, but at least then I can just yell "BANDWAGON FAN!" really loud and hide the Blue Devil basketball shorts until the pigskin reappears in September.

++When I brought this fact up in the car on the way home from the game, Evs' mantra quickly became MOOT POINT, WOMAN!  MOOT POINT!  Touche Husband, Touche.


  1. Talk about a terrifying night. Time for the Horns to step their game up against Bama!!

    Glad you showed Evs the righteous path :)

  2. Wow- I'm still stuck on the cargo shorts and OU love- I mean, what the hell is a Sooner? Always has bugged me.

    Anyway, such a great game- glad for you that Texas won (although I was intrigued by "BCS CHAOS!", as it was constantly referred to in the fourth quarter).

  3. Those last 4 pictures or so, I have the same ones! We should have met up, in a non creepy kind of way! :) Also, did you hear the stadium so quiet when time ran out, before Nebraska rushed the field??? It was crazy!!!

  4. So exciting! What a great way to bring in the new year! You know I'll be cheering for Alabama that day, but we can still be friends!

  5. Well, I'm a Husker girl. I've lived here my whole life and bleed red.

    When the game was over, I wanted to cry like Tim Tebow. :( It was a fantastic game though and a win is a win. I do hope Texas wins the championship.

    Next year, maybe our offense will earn to play as well as our defense.

  6. I'm glad your Pasadena plans weren't ruined. And I love Evs transformation from OU fan to TX fan. My boyf of 6.5 years was a Florida fan to my Florida State fan when we first met--he has since come to see the light, thank goodness!!

  7. That game was emotional--to say the least. We came in at the end and that last 1 minute was just sheer torture. I can't even believe it. I think I covered my eyes for the final kick, I was too scared. AMAZING.

    Glad your week got better--thanks to the Horns :)

  8. I going to say that I almost killed myself when I thought NE had won that game. I live in Omaha & all. I just hate/despise/loathe the Huskers more than anyone could ever imagine. SO thank goodness for that extra second & your lovely little kicker. THANK YOU, TEXAS! Have fun in Pasadena! I'm a USC fan (bad year, yes), so I've been to the Rose B. more than a few times myself!

  9. Bring it! Go Ducks!!!
    P.S. I really enjoy your blog!

  10. hook 'em horns!!!! i am orange with envy that you will be in pasadena in january!

    p.s. just FYI, but UT beat USC in 2005 for the championship, not Michigan.

  11. What an intense game! I thought for sure that McCoy had held that ball a second to long right at the end --DRAMATIC. Congrats and have a blast in Pasadena!

  12. glad they pulled through! looks like you guys had a good time!

  13. 1. you do NOT look chubby
    2. love your jacket
    3. hook 'em!

  14. OH MY GOSH. So my love of college football had me glued to the TV on Saturday night and I was watching with my girlfriend Carrie (a TX native) and thought she was going to just fall over and die. It was an amazing field goal and even this Ohio State fan was pretty excited for TX. Enjoy Pasadena!

  15. We'll be there too, but cheering for the right team. ;) We're Duke people too though, so what can I say?

    Roll Tide! Go Duke!

  16. Still not recovered. My work cohorts who were also at the game are similarly broken.

  17. Oh My Word, Girlfriend! I thought I was going to have a heart attack that evening! Lat years Fiesta Bowl comeback was nervewracking, but the Big 12 Championship this year as ridiculous! I was watching with a bunch of Marines, Maggie (It Is Everlasting) and I thought they were going to have to bury me alive!

    Thank God for 1 sec! My fave quote came from Sergio Kindle and an SI reporter when they said, God couldn't watch his team play because the roof was closed and he just hoped He was watching ABC!

    Hook 'Em!

  18. I would like to take this opportunity to say that Hunter Lawrence is (quite literally) my next door neighbor! And! I watched the game at a bar in College Station (there for bridesmaid activities, don't judge) and all the Ags had been trash talking the entire time, and then were cheering and clapping when the clock wound down. BUT THEN! The second was added back to the clock! The bar fell SILENT. I crossed my fingers and was telling anyone who would listen that HUNTER LAWRENCE IS MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS HIS PARENTS ARE SOOOO NICE! Ahem.

    And when that kick was good, seriously, those trash-talking Aggies were speechless!! It is seriously in my top five favorite UT memories-up there with Vince Young freshman year, winning OU in 2008 and the University-wide graduation ceremony at the Tower. Priceless!

  19. Okay this is selfish, but this also means... that we get to meet!!!!!!!!!! hopefully!!!! :)

  20. but this does not take the sting out of my trojans losing to ARIZONA.... Ugh. on another note, congrats to your horns! :)


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