Tuesday, December 8, 2009

yes. seriously.

Yesterday, I happened to have occasion to visit SMU's Law Library.  I also happened to be wearing something rather trendy.  The following interaction ensued:

K enters law library lobby and attempts to pass through the turnstile. 
Desk Troll:  Um, Miss?  You can't go in there. 
K:  Excuse me?
DT:  Well, its reading period for finals.  Only law students can be in the library.
K:  Actually, that sign says "law students and licensed attorneys may be admitted during Finals Hours."
DT:  Yeah, but... (prolonged pause) Um, are you seriously an attorney?
K:  Yes.  Seriously.
DT:  Like, do you have a Bar Card?
K:  I do.
DT:  Can I see it?
K hands over her Bar Card (which does look suspiciously like the fake credit card you had as a child with your mini, light-up cash register)
DT:  (still inspecting card as if it contained the Secret of Life in the fine print) So... what's your bar number?
K:  (recites bar number)
DT:  Well, you got all the numbers right.  
DT:  Okay, well, I guess you're okay.  But remember, during finals its supposed to be law students and lawyers only.
K:  Riiiight.  So, I qualify.
DT:  Whatever. 

There's a really witty joke in there somewhere about bar admissions and fake IDs.  But at this point, I think I give up.


  1. Fooled by the leggings! No lawyer could look that cute (and relaxed).

  2. Ohhh geez. That's worse than being asked if you're the court reporter. (Hasn't that happened to every young female attorney at some point?) Too trendy to be a lawyer - I love it!

  3. Oh my gosh!! Why doesn't it surprise me that an SMU desk troll would do that? Speaking from experience because I work there and often get kicked out of the faculty and staff kitchen because I couldn't possibly be faculty or staff. Sure, I've only worked here for 2.5 years.

    But, in any event, your outfit was super cute and they were probably put off by that fact. And the fact that DT have some sort of weird superiorty complex, i.e., "bahahah I WILL keep you out of the library beause I CAN".... Wow, a little bit of hostility on my part, wouldn't you say?

  4. what BITCH. I would have slapped her with that bar card in the face. Or you could have said...are you seriously a receptionist? seriously? because that's pathetic.

  5. All day long patients ask me if I'm old enough to be a doctor. I start to get mad, then realize I'll be MORE mad when they stop asking me that.... enjoy it while you can!!

  6. oh, seriously!!! you should have started in on your story and why you were dressed so casually. but you also should have just SOBBED and dramatized the whole thing. then he would have felt bad. so funny.

  7. What a judgmental little ass!

  8. Hilarious, and just another reason why you need to find a fabulous job that actually allows you to wear your trendy, cute outfits everyday!

  9. HAHA! WOW! Some people are just unbelievable.

  10. that is too much! I wish you has asked why they thought oh-so-trendy-beautifully-put-together people couldn't be an attorney. haven't they seen legally blonde?

  11. Oh funny! Because I'm sure there is a huge problem with loiterers in the library?! What?! People are hilarious.

  12. While that sucks and I can't believe a desk troll would be so....trollish, I just need to make a quick point. SMU LAW RESTRICTS THEIR LIBRARY TO LAW STUDENTS AND LAWYERS?! The hell? I'm a 2L at UT Law (hello, finals tomorrow and thursday...but let's not dwell on that), and the law library is overrun with undergrads, randoms off the street, vagrants, etc. They are closing 2 floors of the library and have already started construction, but SUPPOSEDLY law libraries have to be accessible to the general public. Yet other law schools apparently can restrict access all they want. Hhmmph. Texas sucks.

    Then again, we did make it to the national championship and I have tickets to Pasadena. So...there's that.

  13. That is too funny (and yet maddening at the same time!). Why can't an attorney be fashionable and trendy??

  14. you clearly looked way too cute! if you'd come in sweatpants and had a look of fear/exhaustion on you face then you would've been escorted right in with the law students.

    i was there yesterday. in my sweatpants and fear. but i do apologize for the ignorance, it happens a lot. like the time they wouldn't let me bring in my starbucks coffee. ummmmmmm, you can't deny a law student that in the library. i'm sure there's a statute for it somewhere...if they would've let me in i would've found it.

  15. I sit at my desk. In my office. In a chair where only lawyers sit. And I get asked if an attorney is around. Daily.

  16. And I hate to say it, but you're also blonde. When I was a blondie, I was constantly treated like the doofus I (sometimes, but NOT ALWAYS OKAY?) wasn't.

    Srsly. Dying my hair darker has been "THE ANSWER" to people taking me seriously. So sad, so sad- but so true. :(

  17. and yet ANOTHER reason why SMU Law has the reputation that it does. I'm ashamed of my school for this.

  18. wow. i try to be nice to people like this, but i have my limit. serious props to you for not being a total b*tch to her. i would have lost it.

    p.s. - read your comment on slynnro's post and died laughing. i'm a lobbyist and people think lobbyist are corrupt and heartless.

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  20. oh, and one more thing, i have to respectfully disagree with chloe's comment. i am a dark brunette in my mid-20s, but i am petite and look very young. i work in a male-dominated industry and i am constantly have to prove to them that i am NOT here for them to look at me and make assinine comments to. i don't think it matters what color hair you have.

  21. I used to work at my law school's library and they told us check ID's of every single person who came in, even if we knew them from class or stepped out for a smoke. I didn't bother because it was ridiculous. Seriously - who actually voluntarily goes to a law library for shits and giggles? The DT was probably just jealous of your cute 'fit.

  22. I really have no words for that story... other than SERIOUSLY?!
    you were much less sarcastic than I would have been (especially if I hadn't had my coffee for the day!)


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