Sunday, February 7, 2010

who dat bummer

Confession: I don't like the NFL. 

I'm a college football girl through-and-through.  I don't cheer for any NFL team, even though I live right smack in Cowboy Country (I do, however, love me some DCC: Making the Team).  I could care less whose in the Super Bowl.  I do enjoy a good Super Bowl Party, although, for one reason or another, I haven't actually attended one (or watched the game for that matter) since the Justin Timberlake / Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction Incident.  

That being said, how can you not feel excited for the New Orleans' Saints this year?  ITS A CITY ON A COMEBACK, PEOPLE!  

Also making me feel the Saints Love....

Black & Gold Attire.  
I went to Wake Forest.  I have this look in the bag.  I can do black & gold blindfolded, with both hands tied behind my waist.  Plus, blonds look good in gold.  Its our payback for looking so ghastly in yellow.  

The Kardashian Effect
Fine.  So she's not my favorite Kardashian.  Okay, okay, FINE.  She's my least favorite Kardashian.  But we did eat Pinkberry together so obvs we are practically sisters, and sisters don't root against each others' man-candy.  Also, please note my Real Be-Fri Khloe sporting GOLD in the background... Coincidence?  I think not. 

Drew Brees
We went to High School together... you know, the high school whose fight song I still practice every so often in the shower.  Plus, if "being forced to drive by the Brees Household with lights off to see if his younger brother is home by this girl on my dance team" equates to visiting his house, then I have TOTALLY been to Drew's house.  

Unforch, the Super Bowl Party we are attending requires at least a half-hearted allegiance to the Colts.  I was told I would be asked to leave if I didn't show up wearing blue.  For serious.  And I do have a great blue dress.  And not attending would mean I'd have to eat all of my spinach balls** by myself.  Which might lead to death by Parmesan (a good way to go, if you ask me, but you know). Plus, I hear there'll be blue hurricanes.  I don't say "No" to blue hurricanes

HOWEVER.  In secret, I will be sporting black & gold HPs.  So there.  The bandwagon fan in me  now feels totally vindicated.

**{spinach ball modifications: only use 1 c. of butter, add an extra package of spinach and remove the onions completely, use 1.5 c. parmesan, and throw in some feta and chili flakes}


  1. i would not have pegged reggie bush as a belt clip cell phone case kind of man.

  2. love the HPs...have those myself!

  3. You make me laugh Kate :)

    Black and Gold HP's are the way to go! And we all know you'll look fabulous in that blue dress.

  4. Hahahaha, Reid Brees? Blast from the past. Have fun tonight!

  5. Your so funny - obvs you have to back your sister up! Those spinach balls look delicious, thanks for sharing!

  6. Most friends are rooting for the Colts due to Peyton's godlike status here in Knoxville. I personally do not care, because I only care about college football. Instead of attending party with Hubs and friends, I am reading loan documents for work. I know you're jealous!

  7. I'm just happy that my party at home has electricity. It's all about the little things.

  8. Loving Khloe's look of disgust directed straight at Reggie's crotch.

  9. I love NOLA and I am so happy for the Saints, that city deserves an awesome win like the one last night! Hope your super bowl party was fun! I certainly over indulged at mine- feeling like a salt mine today :)

  10. Well in case you haven't heard yet, the little shits went and won the Superbowl............I will never live this down........
    Were you thinking of me with the black and gold....
    Love the KK dress, and I agree, a belt clip cell case....Geez....disappointed in Mr. Bush.

  11. I too fall into the same bandwagon...I am not a fan of the NFL. It lacks the passion of college football in my opinion. But I could pick out a team if I must, I would have to choose the cowboys due to the shear fact that my cousin played for them once. And at his son's wedding when I was in the third grade, almost the entire team (including troy Aikman) came to the wedding in my hometown. It was exciting. (Cuz still is involved with their foundation)


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